I ate a Z28 yesterday...BURP!!

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  1. I was going to the store in my "at least once a week drive" in my 68 with my buddy when his X-girlfriend's little bro drove by in her 70 something Camaro Z28, revving at me. Not one to take a taunt from a Chevy lightly, I took chase.
    He went to pass a car, in an attempt to get away from me, and when he did I punched it, only in second gear, and I thought I was gonna rear end him while he was passing, it was too easy, so I let him go as he started pass another car on the shoulder. I didn't need to drive to irresponsibly, so I let him go, and we went back to the store.

    Well, I went back to the store, and when I left, he drove back by and revved at me again. Being a Mustang driver, I chased him down and he asked if I wanted to race and starting mouthing.

    So of course, I decided that it was worth my time to kick is Chevy lovin' @SS.

    So we lined up, and someone counted us off.

    I took off like I normally would from a normal stoplight or something, knowing he would jump me off the line (which he did by about 2 feet). But I knew it would be better to take off normal and let him jump me than sit there and spin like crazy. The 351 likes low end torque, so I went easy. Halfway through 1st, I punched it and caught back up with him, and then when I shifted into 2nd, it was all over.

    I ended up beating him by about 6 car-lengths (from the words of 3 different witnesses) by the time I got to the top of 3rd and shifted into 4th. Then I stopped and asked him how my taillights looked. I had to ask him if they were clean, or if I needed to clean them off, or whether I should polish the chrome "MUSTANG" letters on the back of the car.

    Yes I am cocky, and yes it was fun!!!!!
    I told him if he wanted to race again, that I would let him go first and then catch up to him and beat him. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I LOVE MY CAR!!!! It hasn't let me down yet!!!