I beat a "hopped up" Acura Integra today! Hahahaha

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  1. I know that racing stories are strictly forbidden on this site and I appreciate that. This story is more about a "jackrabbit start" than a race. Very funny, though!

    Yup. This little twerp in a "4 eye" Acura Integra pulled up next to me at a light, today. Big spoiler. Fart can. Tinted windows. 14" steel "racing" wheels on the front and 17" "racing" wheels on the back. Stickers, the whole works. When the light turned green, I just matted the gas. I pulled about a car on him. I heard him "working" behind me, but he never pulled back up on me. I got into 3rd gear and let off. (I was at the road's speed limit. I don't like to speed.) He "hot passed" me to (I guess) teach me a lesson. There was nothing but open highway in front of us.

    This is the funny part....I forgot to mention, this is what I was driving:


    :owned: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :owned:

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  2. that thaang got HEMI?
  3. Hey man those I6 4.0's are no joke. I used to beat up on riced out civics all the time with my moms grand cherokee with 235K plus miles.
  4. LOL..

    at least it was an integra which is only half as ugly as the civic
  5. Ahahahahhahaahahahahhaahha :owned:
  6. ive always liked tegs.... i was torn between my mustang and a GSR with a dented up door and 135k on it for $4000
  7. good to know i can take down some rice with my jeep now too :nice:
  8. Jeeps are cool.
  9. rx-7's rx-8's supras skylines 3000gt vr4, those are some badass imports, they look good and look like sports cars (cept for the skyline :D),

    yet theres this crowd that is obsessed with making grocery getters faster, ill never understand.

    They could at least pick up a wrx/evo, imo still ugly, but at least they can perform well.

    the honda prelude looks 100X better then the civic ^_^
    yet no one likes those apparently
  10. ricers are gay.....:nonono: they must be realizing that cant beat anything...i had one of those homo's try to race me in my moms jimmy......:fuss: i think it was a civic or something...they all look the same to me.....GAY
  11. ahhhh I love it, Ive got a 96 cherokee with the 4.0 as my dd, and I beat a stock 2000 6 banger stang once with it, and Im fairly certain I could spank some rice with it, it pulls pretty strong for what it is

  12. Yup. 0-30, this thing is a killer. 195hp, 275tq and 2800#. Sounds like the numbers for a stock 87-93 Notch GT. (I know 225hp/300tq for the Stangs of that vintage) It could prolly take a stock 94/95 5.0 GT. I should line em up. :)
  13. Hell yes!!!!!!!!

    I got my wife a Jeep a couple years ago and I wouldn't settle for anything less than the V8. Gotta love the torque. :) From a stop, the Jeep hauls a$$ pretty good. Not sure how much torque (maybe near 300), but hp is around 265.

    Jeeps are so cool. I couldn't be happier with mine, especially on vacations. Smooth, comfortable, and never underpowered. I have a friend with a Sport Trac and that thing sucks wind all the time with hills and when four people are inside. Not the Jeep!