I believe it has potential!!


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Sep 15, 2020
Caddo Mills, TX
I had a friend in High School who put the same VIN tag on 4 different chassis. It was sold at some point. 1 in 10 million people might check to see if it has the factory correct rivits.

A car does not have to be registered to race at the track. John Force does not have a tag for his funny car. You could steal a car and go race it, and no one would know.

I wouldn't worry about the steering wheel. There's all kinds of reason it could have ended up with an airbag steering wheel. Friend parted out a car, that was what was at the junkyard that day, who knows.

It looks like a terrific car to start with. There are so many terrific deals on rollers now, it's hard to justify building a car from scratch. It looks like a lot of fun without having to do all the work.

Yes sir. Been thinking bout doing a foxbody build for some time now, finally bit the bullet and did it. Shoot, took me 2 years to stop talkin myself outta buying a street bike. One day finally just said "lets do it!"
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Apparently my ex-husband made that mistake.
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Jun 14, 2004
Acworth, GA
I'd much rather be in a car with a roll cage than on a street bike. Street bikes are about as lethal as heroine. That looks like an awesome car to start with.

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May 8, 2003
Tracks don't require registration or insurance.. so yeah you could have a car without a title and run it


Wasn't a pretty sight...and I've got big hands
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Mar 2, 2015
The issue with fox bodies is that the vin is riveted to another piece of metal thats spot welded to the firewall. To swap vins you never have to take the vin plate rivets out. Its also the only thing visible through the dash. Years ago people did this a lot. Before I buy a car I check all the vins...including vin stickers on both front fenders. If the front clip has been replaced its hard to verify with the dash in.
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