I Bought A Fox. Detailed And Mini Photo Shoot Inside...


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Apr 28, 2005
i sold my bike and was actually looking for another one but instead, i ended up with another mustang. i couldn't really pass it up. i bought the car bone stock minus the later model pony wheels ( although the turbines came with it ). when i say stock, i mean stock - right down the factory mufflers and air box , air silencer included. i know i will get grief because its a auto but its kinda cool to have something to just put in drive and cruise with. if i want to shift gears, i still have my 00 GT. The car had a flawless carfax and has been in a southern state. no rust and i am the 3rd owner. like i said, i hated to pass it up - even if it was an auto. with the stock 2.73s and the auto, there's no way its been abused. torque boxes were nice and tight. not even the classic lean on the drivers seat. the front bumper cover does have some damage but the rest of the car made up for it. i can fix that later on. it's had one repaint and its pretty decent. 137,500 miles - original. cruise works. map light works. ash tray door works. the air even blows cold.

here's a list of the mods that was done to the car after my purchase to make it a bit more fun. not looking to make a drag car here, just a fun cruiser with some pep. for what it is, it runs well. im pleased.

Explorer upper/lower intake
Gen 1 lightning 65mm throttle body
Machined egr plate
Frpp E303 cam
Smog delete
MSD cap
Autolite 8mm wires
Motorcraft plugs
Air silencer & screen delete / new filter
Frpp 3.73 gears & full bearing / seal kit
Mac 1 5/8 shorty headers
Summit o/r h pipe
Flowmaster super 44 cat back
Edge 'street edge' 3000 converter
Transgo shift kit
Factory springs cut

the car really woke up with the converter and shift kit . its a pretty cool little street car.

the detail.....

twelve hours of detailing this thing - just the outside. the inside i did clean but it wasnt bad at all. heres the process -


CG citrus wash & gloss to strip off any remaining lsp
Mothers clay bar & quick detailer
CG paint correction 700 w/ hexlogic yellow pad
CG paint correction 778 w/ ccs white pad
CG citrus wash clear
CG glossworkz glaze w/ ccs blue pad
CG extreme top coat wax w/ ccs red pad
Werkstat carnuba glos


stoners glass cleaner


meguiars hot shine

interior ...

blue coral carpet cleaner
50/50 mix simple green
CG innerclean
CG new car smell

under hood...

Engine brite degreaser gel
Simple green
CD2 engine detailer

the paint correction was done with a porter cable 7424xp. there are some swirls and sand scratches left in the finish but it does look quite a bit better than it did. i was able to bring out some added reflectivity and eliminate a previous detailers buffer trails. considered using a orange pad with the 721 between the yellow and white but i honestly do not think it would have made that much of a difference.











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Apr 28, 2005
ahhh makes me miss my white fox :) Have fun detailing her?

i did but was hoping for better results. whoever wetsanded previously did not do the best good job. some sand scratches left in the paint still in a few places . the car could really stand to be re-wetsanded. i wanted to put a beauty wax on it but i plan on driving it so i wanted something with some durability. plus i havent got to try out the extreme top coat so i figured this would be a good candidate. over all i suppose it turned out ok for a DA job. do you use a rotary?