I Bought an 86 SVO...

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  1. I don't believe in stock restos...who the hell wants stock? I'll leave those to the guys that don't enjoy driving them...

    I'll either 1) sell it as it sits, 2) sell it in running condition, 3) use it as my daily driver, 4) make it into my drag racer and daily drive the 85 SVO and sell the turbo LX.

    First up is to sell all the goodies I got with it to pay for the car ;) I'm keeping the 8.8 with 31 spline moser axles, cobra brakes, alum DS, coilovers, eibachs, 2 engines, 2 T5's, and 2 rebuilt big valve heads though:D


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  2. ahhh you don't need need the moser 8.8. I've run the stock rebuilt 4.56 geared TC thats in the black car and its been fine. Hell I might even get another few races out of it. :p

    dang sounds like a DEAL there. So if you're keeping that what are you selling?
  3. Who put that ugly SVO spoiler on that LX?
    BLASPHEMY. That guy needs an ass whipping. I'll donate money to fly someone out there and give it to him.
  4. yeah whats up with that?

    They didnt even paint it first.
  5. 800

  6. I'll even help you trailer it back if you buy it. ;)

  7. Stinger after you get it unloaded I want the car trailor. :)
  8. I wish I had money for Stinger's LX!!!
  9. I've got the SVO tailights sitting in the back seat, I'm not sure why he was running LX tails. Maybe to preserve the stockers.

    I'll be selling the hybrid turbo, a bunch of stock parts, 2 svo IC's, 1 powdercoated TC IC, Centerline wheels, and a bunch of other stuff I can't seem to remember right now.

    tealtiger93...you might be surprised how cheap I'd let the LX go...
  10. Well ... Considering you live in KS, I don't know how that would go. But PM me with a price when you're thinking about letting it go.
  11. Dang let the Lx go? PM me a price too. I'm curious.
  12. Also how about a list of the parts ya want to sale. :nice:
  13. Congrats I think. I alway's kinda pity you.

    I try to make my life not revolve around 2.3T's.

    I need a t-shirt that say's, "Yes, I own 2 2.3t's and work on 5 regularly - but I'm not addicted".
  14. OK, the SVO came with:
    --2 motors, one from an 84 SVO, 1 from the 86. Both are good, the 86 one was pulled because the front seal was leaking oil all over the driveway.
    --2 T5's, one 2.3 version with a fresh rebuild, one 5.0 version, both in good shape.
    --2 heads, one is an oval port big valve head with stainless oversize valves and a fresh rebuild (new springs, seats, seals, etc.) and one is a stock 2.3T head that's been freshened up with a 3 angle valve job, a237 roller cam, etc.
    --1 Coilover spring setup
    --1 Set of Eibach Prokit Springs
    --1 Set of Slotted Front Rotors (powdercoated)
    --1 Set of Slotted Rear Rotors (powdercoated)
    --1 Hybrid turbo. Supposedly it's got a T04E 57 trim compressor, I haven't verified yet though.
    --2 Stock exhaust elbows and 1 3" down elbow
    --1 3" downpipe
    --Misc 3" bends and pipe
    --1 E6 Manifold
    --2 Upper/Lower intake manifold sets, one gutted and powdercoated.
    --1 PE Computer
    --1 PJ computer
    --1 3" tailpipe
    --3" to 2.5" Y-Pipe
    --2 Brand new Flowmaster 40's
    --2 2.5" Tailpipes with stainless tips
    --1 B&M Shifter
    --1 Ford Motorsport Aluminum Driveshaft
    --4 Centerline 16x8" polished aluminum wheels and center caps
    -- 65 MM throttle body, needs assembly, has been powder coated.
    --1 Set of HP Motorsports sub-frame connectors
    --1 Panhard Bar that's never been bolted on.
    --HP Motorsport Lower Control Arms
    --2 SVO IC's
    --1 Turbo Coupe IC, Powdercoated
    --1 set of new Motorcraft plug wires
    --1 set of Mallory Heat Sheilded plug wires
    --2 extra SVO camshafts
    --1 A237 Roller Cam
    --1 Extra 2.3T underhood harness
    --2 Brand new inner fender replacement panels
    --2 Starters
    --1 Set SVO 73mm Calipers
    --2 Flywheels
    --1 Centerforce Clutch
    --1 Allen Head engine bolt kit
    --2 timing belts
    --1 Dual Fan setup
    --1 Stock SVO Radiator
    --1 Engine Gasket Kit
    --2 SVO Master Cylinders
    --2 Cam Gears, one powder coated
    --1 Timing Belt Cover powder coated
    --2 2.3 n/a upper intake, blasted-ready for coating
    --1 SVO Cargo Cover
    --1 Set 35lb injectors
    --2 SVO Axles
    --1 Serpentine belt/pulley setup
    --2 Adjustable upper control arms
    --1 Wilwood Proportioning valve
    --1 T3 Inlet powder coated
    --1 T3 compressor housing, blasted
    --1 Driveshaft Safety Loop
    --1 Set 2.5" LX tailpipes w/stainless tips
    --1 B&M Shifter
    --1 Mint condition SVO shift boot
    --1 Adjustable Firewall clutch adjuster
    --1 Adjustable Clutch quadrant
    --1 Aluminum 8.8 differential cover
    --1 Billet Aluminum Wastegate Actuator
    --1 Set 03 Cobra Calipers
    --Tons of engines brackets and such that have been Powdercoated

    The front brakes are cobra 13 inch rotors/calipers/spindles. The whole assembly has been powder coated. The Calipers are Red, the spindles are black chrome, and the rotors are silver.

    The front suspension consists of Koni yellow struts, Eibach pro springs, and ’84 GT control arms. The control arms have brand new Steeda X2 ball joints and urethane bushings.

    The Rack and Pinion is relatively new. It has about 2500 miles on it. I installed ’92 tie rod ends to help with bump steer.

    The rear brakes are stock SVO. The assembly is also powder coated red/black chrome/and silver.

    The rear suspension consists of a 8.8 with 3.73 gears, HP Motorsports lower control arms, Eibach pro springs, and slot car racing adjustable upper control arms.

    Rear: [​IMG]
    Rear Brakes: [​IMG]
    Cobra Calipers: [​IMG]
    One of the engines: [​IMG]

    There is also a ton of other stuff I haven't even found in the boxes yet...I'm still sorting through everything and seperating it into "keep" and "sell" piles...

    [Edit] I added a bunch more stuff to the above list...
  15. Geez what kind of deal did you get for all this?
  16. If you don't mind me asking here, how much would you take for the turbo LX?

  17. Swarzkopf: PM Sent

    tealtiger93: Let me know what you think I picked it all up for ;)
  18. Knowing you, I'm going to guess $3,000. Though I'm sure all of it is worth way more. Two motors eh? Keeping both?
  19. He told me he spent a little over 5 grand in the last 2 years on it, that includes buying alot of the stuff used on ebay.

    I don't know what I'll do with the second motor yet...I've already got 2 spares and know where two more are local to me...

    I'll let some more people guess what I paid for it before I say...
  20. ok seriously let me know about the cargo cover for the svo Mine's never had it.

    What a deal. I'll hold my guess until a little later but it was already an outstanding deal. I don't think you ever PMd me a price outright for the svo either. I'd still like to know that one too. Will it make it to Va? :p