I Bought an 86 SVO...

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  1. If you wanna sell any of these items let me know.. I hope to be putting in my TC rear soon, and they could be useful to me.

    1 Set of Eibach Prokit Springs
    2 SVO Master Cylinders
    1 Aluminum 8.8 differential cover
    HP Motorsport Lower Control Arms

    Looks like a good haul though, hopefully you can make use of some of that.

  2. hey if anybodys going to explode that rear end cover its going to be me.
  3. Thats an outstanding price you PM'd me Stinger. I'm going to run this by the wife.

  4. Swarzkopf, that's what everybody keeps telling me...maybe I'm too low :shrug:
  5. It's definitely a great price. If I was close I'd have called dibs already.
  6. I would have bought it, but the wife is adamant about no more cars.

    Good luck. If you put it on Ebay I'm sure you'd get what you want out of it.
  7. Well, I'm not in too big of a hurry to sell it, I've never seen a turbo swapped mustang bring very good money on ebay...who knows, I've got a guy a few hours away that is interested in it...
  8. I'd be interested in the prokit springs. Pm me a price?
  9. Did you get the hit and run damage fixed?
  10. Nope, it's still dented. I do have a parts car that has the parts needed to fix it though...
  11. Oh, I got it all for $1500 btw ;)
  12. It's surprising no one here hates you :p
  13. I think a few may have hated me...I don't see them around here much anymore though :scratch:
  14. Didnt the stinger Fan club Posse Led by crovax Bump'em off?
  15. stinger Is a fictional character I made up one day.
  16. What he (I) said...
  17. 351coupe is a fictional character i created
  18. So who's the "creater"?
  19. LOL, the Stinger Fan club. havnt heard that in awhile.
  20. So I've got an offer for 1500 for my 91 LX, should I sell it for that?