I Bought an 86 SVO...

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  1. I would go a lil higher, since it is mint! atleast from what I know it is. your car though....
    LOL, I remember you posting about the strips when you put them on. Good stuff.
  2. Hey Stinger, empty your PM box, fool.

    Hi guys. It's been awhile since I've been on the forums. My car is still N/A, but we're looking to change that soon, so hopefully I'll be on the forums more. I'm using the 88 turbocoupe motor I got from Brian and I think my goal will be around 300 hp. Sound reasonable?

    Oh BTW the Cobra is up and running as of Friday with huge injectors (92 lb?), a new chip, and a few other upgrades. Hopefully we can have a KS meet some time and you guys can see it.


  3. sounds like you need to make your own post with some pictures!!!!
  4. Sorry, it's clean now...Matt needs to tone down the PM's...it's like when I was "training" him about 2.3T's all over again...5-6 pm's a week... :nonono:
  5. Unbelievable.......

    I'm clicking my heals, Kansas, Kansas.......a little bit closer and I'd haul all your "unwanteds" away.

    ....at least I still have my first TC now.

    BTW, Stinger is your website still up and functional?

  6. It seems to be down right now?
  7. The hard drive in my server took a dump...site should be up on a backup server later today...
  8. Hey, what kind of talk is this?

    And the Stinger fan club? It's still thriving. Just spoke to the Pres yesterday, just because he doesn't come on much anymore doesn't mean he's not still paying homage in his own way.
  9. Just reviewed page 2 of this thread. If the panhard bar is for sell and complete, I'm in the market. Need one for the 'vo. PM me a price if'n ya would.

    Nice score on ton's o' stuff!
  10. Dunno about the panhard yet...I know it's new and complete. Just haven't decided if I'd like to use it or not yet...
  11. Use it. The panhard bar made such a big difference in the handling on my car. It feels so tight and solid it's just ridiculous. I guarantee you'll like the results.
  12. Man wish I could find a deal/steal like that around here.

    but if an svo was around here it would of been torn apart for parts and the rest just hauled off to a junk yard...

    I would love to get an svo but I would keep as many of the origional parts(put them in storage to keep as mint as possable) then start replacing parts and race the **** out of it.

  13. I've got all the stock parts for my 85 SVO in case they ever start bringing big bux in stock form...
  14. stinger, how much you wantin for ur 91?
  15. A little under 2 grand for the 91...
  16. Wish I lived closer.