I bought an SCT SF3 tuner - for an auto - a review

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  1. Well I bought a SCT SF3 tuner from American Muscle. I chose it because it had more memory and could have 3 default tunes and could carry 3 extra custom tunes.

    I got a custom tune after I told them my specs about my car. I also should mention I have an auto with 3.73 gears. Im running 93 octane. The car is a beast now. I did notice a seat of my pants difference in power.
    Im sure the tune i got is programmed safer because its mail order, but a custom dyno tune would probabbly get me more power. It feels like the car just got another 20 or 30hp, but in reality I probabbly got 10hp. I am blaming the new shifting patterns and shift firmness settings on that feeling though.

    the shift firmness and shift points alone make this purchase worth while even if you leave everything else stock on the computer.

    here is the description in text format of shifting....
    vrrrrrrrrrrrrm car loses power to shift VarrrrROOOOOOOOOM car loses power to shift VAAROOOOOOOOM

    custom tune:

    the car kept going faster and faster. and to be totally honest, I couldn't tell when the car was shifting. it was really smooth shifts.

    I was always under the impression a firmer shift meant you could feel the car bucking when it shifted to one gear to another. but in reality it felt like my car got a CVT tranmssion or something installed.

    Another thing I can do, I dont know if i like this feature or not. From a stand still and with the car in D, if i floor it, i can smoke the rear tires for a bit. its defintely fun but after a while im gonna be hurting to buy new tires.

    Now as for the tuner itself... the machine, plugged in, backed up my old tune, and installed the custom tune. 10 minute mod and I didnt have to do any work. that in my opinion is the best kind of mods. I didnt even have to tell the wife ;)

    The only problem i can think of now.... is that I have the custom tune installed.
    if i get another mod, or want to change some setting. I dont really know how.
    when I installed the custom tune, i figures I could look at all the settings and adjust whatever i needed. well my tuner does not give me those options that american muscle gave me.

    what it does give me is a list of choices for a self done custom tune and all the options are set to 0, I am not going to start playing with spark settings, and timing, and other things I am not 100% sure how they work.

    so if i was to get a new tire size, let say something outrageous sized. and I installed the American muscle custom tune, how do i change the settings in there to reflect the new tire size?

  2. what year car was this on ?
  3. yea, i prolly should mention it, that is was an 01 gt
  4. Yea, the tune was one of my favorite mods (it was my second mod, actually, after subframe connectors). The Pro Racer software for our cars is now only $300 or so, and I'm really tempted to buy it. That way, I can have pretty much complete control over those parameters in the ECU.

    For a tire size change, you should be able to do it right on the device. If it asks for it in a percentage, just remember how tire sizes work: 245/45ZR17 means the tire is 245 millimeters wide, the sidewall is 45% of the width, it's Z-rated (149mph+), and it's designed for a 17 inch wheel. Therefore, to compute the tire height, convert 245 mm to inches, multiply by .45 to get sidewall height, multiply that by 2 (because there is a sidewall above and below the wheel), and add the result to 17 (the wheel diameter). For a stock tire, that comes out to roughly 25.6 inches. If you put taller tires on, make the same calculation, subtract 25.6 from the larger number, and divide the result by 25.6 to give you the percentage.

    If that's too much math, I'm sure there are calculators out there on the intarwebs.
  5. SCT Tuner

    I know how you feel about your SCT tuner. I got a SCT XCalibrator V2 from VMPtuning last week with three custom tunes. I tell you I was impressed with the performance gain over my three year old Predator, plus I got $ 175 trade on it. Also I still have end user adjustments on all three tunes with my SCT.

    01 GT Vert. Auto
    3.73 gears
    Dragon Plenum
    Dragon 75 MM TB
    FAST A/F Wideband meter
  6. I want one...........:damnit:

  7. I dont think I explained what I meant right. basically I plug in the tuner, i install the custom tune and everything american muscle setup is ready to go.

    lets say i get any new mod, and i want to adjust for that (tires for example, but it could be exhaust, new plenum-t/b , etc... how do i adjust for it?

    I have the custom tune installed, but if i go to customize all the settings they are all set at 0. if i make one change and say ok save it and upload, everything american muscle did is over written and everything except whatever change i made is set to 0.
    is that logic incorrecT?
  8. SCT Tuner

    It all depends how American Muscle setup your custom tune. You may or may not have end user adjustment feature turned on. With my SCT X Cal 2 from VMPtuning I can make small adjustments to just about all features, like WOT Fuel,Timing,tire size,Axle Ratio etc. But even if you are able to adjust timing and fuel you would just guessing with out a Wideband A/F meter. My SCT tuner came with a CD disk with a Live Link program to down load datalog stuff from tuner and Live load 3 utility is used to put e-mail tunes to my X-Cal 2 in case I request a change in tune. Talk to American Muscle and see what they say about your custom tune.
  9. ^ What he said lol.
  10. I have the SCT X3 and it's awesome. I had a local tuner Matt at Performance Evolution tune my car and the tune is awesome!
  11. "sonic boom":rlaugh:

    Glad to know it worked that well:nice: