I Can Haz 99 Lightning Now

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  1. Traded my 02gt straight up for my 99 L
  2. Info

    Its #2374 and has 103k.
    I had traded my 87 lx coupe for the 02 GT. After that trade I only had 4500 in the gt. The LX to GT trade was good but trading the gt for the Lightning was an awesome trade.

    Ill be lurking around gathering info as needed.

    The Lightning has the following mods:

    5.4 supercharged.
    ported charger and upper plenumn,
    c&l cold air intake,
    sct big air mass air meter,
    ram air to a k&n filter,
    metco idlers,
    6 lb lower pulley,
    adjustable upper pulley
    updated intercooler,
    rebuilt tranny with valve body upgrade,
    sct tuner with custom tunes by breenspeed,
    adjustable strange shocks,
    traction bars.
    3 gauge a pillar pod i just updated the gauges.
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  6. Nice looking truck. Makes me miss my old L.