I completed my rewire. EZ Wiring Harness review

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  1. The picture of the ignition switch on their site uses a GM key. Did they sell you a Ford-style switch? Yeah I'm picky..

    Very tempting system for the price.
  2. Yes it is GM. If you are picky this is not the way to go.
    The whole harness id specific to GM cars. I suspect if you put it in a GM, you could use all the plugs that come attached to the harness. With a ford, you have to keep the original plugs and splice the wires.

    So the ignition, wiper syitch, dimmer switch and headlight switch they sell are all for GM cars but match the harnesses they sell exactly.

    This is not to say that the harness will not work w/ your ford switches. It is just that the diagrams they provide show gm switches rather than Ford so you have to ignore that part, and get out the multimeter and figure it out yourself.

    I am not too picky about my car, I just want it to run well, look good, and be safe. I really don't care if it is half chevy parts beneath the surface.
  3. Just curious as I like my door and ignition key the same. No problem, I can wire in the original.

    The wiper, dimmer, and headlight switches I'd definitely change, though, but not sure how to get around that since the original wiper switch is integral to the gauge bezel.
  4. I've used the large and mini style fuse boxes and other than the size, I didn't see any difference. The wiring is great, particulary the labels! I used GM columns both times, because of the tilt, dimmer switch and locking column. The EZ wiring has a plug that goes directly to the GM column and simplifies a lot of stuff. The old little Jeep Cherokee uses a GM column without a shifter and is the right length. Has a nice 14' leather wrapped steering wheel, too. Doesn't look as clean but a little PVC pipe at the lower end helps.
  5. ez wiring

    im sure i'm not the only one here, but how about the guys that did finish the wiring up show us the schematic for the o.e. pigtail wire colors and what they matched em up to the ez wiring kit. the igntion switch, turn signal switch. voltage regulator. that would help us out. for instance, if you guys look in your manual on the ignition switch we have a white with blue stripe. off the o.e. pigtail. were missing that description on on the ez wiring diagram. someone do this so all of us in the future can get this done right and pass it on. I work late so there never there to help out.
  6. the schematics for using orignal switches would help tremendously as i received my EZ wire 21 circuit kit last week. Also while comparing the EZ wire kit to the Painless kit Edbert used the colors are similar. I used his chart to group my wires together.
  7. all the wires are run, it comes down to knowing what wire goes to "were" on the o.e. switches. we know x amount goes to the switches but again to were on the switch. some of the o.e. wires on the switches i guess are not used.
  8. I have not finished my rewire, but SO FAR SO GOOD..... There are Many things that need to be changed around like he said because of GM style set up of harness, but overall not too bad. I opted for making block connectors, that i purchased from radio shack for things like the headlight switch, and the heater controls, giving me the option of unplugging them if i need to replace. I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN, but i have for sure learned a LOT!!!.... TECH SUPPORT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!.... I was able to fax them car schematics, and then call them and walk through the issues i had along the way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EZ-WIRE!!!.... Top notch in my humble opinion!!

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