I decided on the exhaust, Whatdya all think.

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  1. OK, after months of pricing, research, opinions, and shopping: Ive decided on a dual 2.5s merging at a Y-collector just behind the Trans crossmember. This is a 3" pipe back to a Thrush turbo muffler (dual outlet) in the factory position.

    Now, What do you think? Has anyone done it like this? any pics? any other opinions? Im looking for subtle, but pronounced sound. so dual sidepipes with cherrybombs just wont do. :rolleyes:

    So, feel free to offer any and all advice, opinion, and critisizm. I can take it. :nonono:

    Oh, its a 74 coupe, 351W/AOD, factory exhaust manifolds with a mild port job.
  2. uh i have no clue but thats great man :D
  3. F-body style?

    flow is great, but you will lose the Dual sound
  4. F-body? A SLOWMARO!?!? Great, The last thing I wanted to do was align myself with a GM product :rolleyes:

    Anywho, I dont really care too much about the dual sound. I like sleepers, and the quieter this one is, the better. I am glad about the good flow, though. I would like it to scream when I matt the throttle, and everyone has told me it will do that.

    They've also said ford engines do better when the exhaust is balanced out. ie Hpipes, Xpipes, and Ypipes. Anyone care to confirm? Im surrounded by GM gurus, so I really dunno how much advice I can trust. (some people might even be trying to sabotage my efforts) :D

  5. Jon,
    I run a similar setup off of my headers. A Y pipe off of the collectors into a single 3' then a hollow glasspack and then over the axle. After the axle I split it back out into a dual 3 inch chrome tip. So essentially it is exactly what your planning except the muffler is underneath not in the factory position. But it looks the same with the duals both on the right rear. It sounds great. I think you have been to my website but if not I have 2 sound clips on there. 1 is the idle the other a high RPM burnout. so you can get an idea of the sound a 351W will produce. www.xmission.com/~mstng2
  6. I have 34" dual baffled cherrybombs on my ported 302. I think they have a low growl sound. I notice when crusing at about 25 mph, it sounds like a diesel train chugging up a hill. Stomp on it and I'll turn heads. :p

  7. Wow, Thats a CLEAN undercarriage!!!! :hail2: and yeah, Thats a great sound. . . . but not for me. I had a pair of 28" bombs under her, and they dumped out right behind the front seats. It rattled my teeth above 1300 RPMs.

    Great sound, but WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too loud for my sleeper tastes.

    Kudos though Cobra, Id love to have yo car.

    Im trying to load it now (the joys of dial-up :notnice: ) But it sounds Sweet! But still a lil too loud (pronounced) I think. Im trying to go for the sound of an '01 cobra I think. Very refined and subtle.
    not even as loud as a Camaro SS?? (at least till I get on it. :banana: )

    Thank you guyz for all this help. It really is nice :flag: :canflag:
  8. If you want quiet you could always run some normal Dynomax (if I remember correctly they weren't very loud) or something like that (talk to a muffler shop for what they recommend for your application).
    But if you want moments of loudness you could get some header dumps made and run the exhaust off the side of that. Basically a 3" tube with a cap held on the end by 4 bolts.
    A good exhaust system flows just as well or better then open exhaust. But open headers can scare people (or a bunch of people in a retirement home :rolleyes:). But it does add extra weight and can be a PITA to work around. I personally wouldn't do it agian, but it is fun to play with.

  9. I really like the way the Thrush Turbo muffler sounds on my II, but I've got a 2.3 under the hood and a single 2" pipe all the way back with it dumping right before the rear end.

  10. That is exactly the same style i was running! :nice: And your right, it does turn heads! :p
  11. :lol: I guess "the project" wont be subtle :D


    "40 inch louvred glass-packs with 2 1/2" mandrel inlets. Just hope the neighborhood dogs don't pee on them when they're hot! :p
  12. My Ghia was extremely quiet when I bought it, so I proceeded to cut the muffler off of it. It's got the factory style Y pipe still intact, and had a Dynomax Super Turbo in the back with of course the single outlet. I cut the muffler off and welded on a 3inch stainless steel tip. Looks better and it's louder than it was, but not very much louder at all, Kinda disappointed of course I like glasspacks and cherry bombs, especially on a 5.0 (they sound just like flowmaster american thunders)