I did it I sat behind the wheel of an 05

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  1. And it wouldn't even be so bad if the seat didn't sit up so high.
    I almost feel like I'm sitting in a truck.
    It's like sitting in a chair instead of the seat of a sports car.
    My '65 feels like I'm sitting on the floor boards compared to my '03.
    Not even the '88 I used to have was this bad, and everything about it was boxy feeling.
  2. I seen one about 2 weeks ago, pulling out of work.
    I glanced over to my left and it caught my eye right away. Early in the morning with its headlights on. I waited to see it turn down the road from where I work and seen it from the side. "Ohh thats the 05!" I said, talking to no one in my car except me. It was white. can't say anything more than that. Couldn't even hear it since the distance it was away and all the cars driving past. I guess it was heading to the Delphi plan down the street.
  3. yeah, flame suit better be on.
    the interior is of awesome fit and finish. I haven't seen anything yet that matches the detail for under 30k. the tiburon interior sucks. the plastic is the same cheap texture throughout. and it looks and sounds cheaper then my 88 toyota pickup. the seats are an opinion. I thought the 05 seats were fine except the side bolstering. The Tiburon's were too firm, the leather didn't feel expensive, and the thigh support was weak.
    Ford did get and nailed it.
  4. I agree, the interior is great. I especially like the part of the seat that has real leather on it. I love the way it feels. My biggest complaint is the height of the seat. I could even put up with the lack of side bolstering if they would have lowered the seat a couple of inches. IMO, 4 inches from the floor is just too much in that car.
  5. ah, i see. I re-read your original reply, and it makes more sense. you were complaining about the seats, not the whole interior.
    I sit corrected. :D
  6. :lol:
    Trust me! There are waaaay more than that just around hear alone. I see them on a daily basis.
  7. Does anyone know the date the 05' is supposed to be in the dealerships?
  8. :nonono:
  9. Jason no one knows for sure...
  10. 05-06 Mustang

    I have checked with 2 different dealers (different owners,different cities) and they are telling me 9-27. I also read in the latest popular mechanics that the SVT Cobra will be out in mid 05 as an 06 model year. In addition, an article in Motortrend magazine said that the SVT group had the 5.4L 3v engine in a 05 Mustang GT it was working up for the Cobra. Of course Ford is stating that the engine will be detuned so it won't turn the same horses as the GT40.
  11. Can you (or anyone) scan those articles and post them? I'd really like to read those.

  12. Very VERY much NOT TRUE AT ALL!! :bs: x 87438648

    I have probably taken pictures of atleast 10 different versions of the 2005 stang. Pre-Production version and leopard/zebra marked mules. And I've seen some other ones that I didn't get a picture of

    This Ford "rep" is full of crap.

    Ask anyone from southeastern Michigan about this. We see them ALL THE TIME.
  13. I didn't buy the mags. I grabbed them off the shelf and read them during some downtime at work. The motortrend article was from last month-I couldn't find it are the website and last month's MT is no longer at my pharmacy. The popular mechanics article that mentions the svt production date is on page 96 of the current issue. The only reason why I remember the page is because I called a friend of mine at another pharmacy and told im to take a look also. The article clearly states mid 05 for the SVT stang. I'll have my f150 paid off by September of next year so that's perfect timing.
  14. Thanks.

    Anybody have one of these mags?

  15. Got the mags now

    I bought the mags and here are your articles. Since I have dial-up i had to crop both articles to stay under the file size limit. I was wrong about the motor trend article. It was actually a Hot Rod article. The enitre Popular Mechanics article can be found in the August 2004 issue. The Hot Rod article can be found in the August 2004 issue.

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  16. the pop mech article didnt seem legit to me at all when it comes to the cobra info
  17. OK. Now they've got my hopes up. The way Hot Rod worded it, just saying it would be an '06 could go along with Ford saying it will be a late '06/early '07.
    But Popular Mechanics is saying it will actually come out in '05. Making it either a late '05 or an early '06.

    I'll let you know what they say if they respond.


    EDIT: Here's the entire Popular Mechanic's article.
  18. I just noticed who wrote the article. Jerry Heasley. While he is probably the most knowledgable guy around for old Mustangs, I'm not sure he's really even into the late model stuff. I read some of his work on the history of the Mustang and there were a lot of obvious mistakes with the late models. The newer the model, the more mistakes there were.

    Personally, I'm all "historied out" from reading his other articles at work today. If anyone else feels up to it, read his Pop Mech. article and see what you find.