I Don't Care HOW Off-Topic it is...WOW, what a game!

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  1. Time for THE DRIVE
  2. HAH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 seconds for you....
  3. Patriots win :(
  4. :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :fuss: :fuss: :fuss:

    Oh, well. Good game, man. Your guys played well.
  5. Win!

  6. Let the thread-jacking begin!
  7. I was hoping Carolina would of won, but oh well atleast they played a good game.
  8. A fun way to spend the game!

    Night time for my youg ones! Later, Dude!
  9. lets talk about that boob
  10. Jeeze, yeah. It's 10:30PM Cheapskate time!

    Hey - in another half-hour, they're all undefeated! Even Buffalo stands a chance!

    Well maybe not Buffalo - unless they play only the Cardinals all seaon.
  11. Im sure alot of people will be talking about it :p

  12. I dunno, I guess I'm getting old; because, now that I've seen it, :sleep: :shrug:
  13. Well, it's true..... I saw it on a 20" screen TV (the one over the computer). It's not like it was live and in person and close enough to.... aahhhh, never mind.

    Still Dreamin'
  14. I know what you mean
  15. So Sorry.........

    Sorry I'm late guys, but some of us have to work for a living, and old people don't feed and diaper themselves!

    It was a well played game, (I saw some of it, and did try to keep up on the score) had some great commercials....AOL, MC, Staples.......etc, etc......

    Glad you were able to carry on the hijackings with out me!:D
  16. Football Blows !
  17. Is that why the two monkeys do what they do?:scratch:
  18. Quote:
    Originally Posted by gp001
    Football Blows !

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  19. Best one by far was a Bud Light commercial feature a couple out on a moonlight sleigh ride......did you catch that?

    Still Dreamin'