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  1. All, I'm restoring my 289 Mustang and want to do it right first time if I can. Being a novice when it comes to Ford Mustangs, I would really appreciate your advice on what color to repaint my engine. I was of the opinion all motors at the time were painted Ford Blue color but a friend told me the GT 289 motors were originally painted 'Black' with Gold rocket covers from the factory. I've sourced some new gold painted 289 rocket covers but before purchasing just wanted to know if the motors were paint Ford Blue or Black ? I'm always inclined to follow original specs with any restore.

    Thanks guys
  2. You posted your question in someone's CLASSIFIED AD. :doh: I've moved your question to it's own thread in the appropriate section. Please take a little time to familiarize yourself with the structure of Stangnet before creating threads/posts.


  3. You should start a thread for the whole build. Welcome!