I don't like the V6 Mustang

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  1. Why wasn't the cut-through dual exhaust kept from the concept? Safety/cost issue or something? It looks pretty sweet, but maybe it wouldn't like right on the production rear.
  2. I can picture the after-market cut-through dual exhaust bumper/pipe setup soon after job 1.
  3. +1 vote for the plane jane 6. I like the wheels :shrug:
  4. put me down as another that thinks the V-6 version looks better than the GT...I like the 'cleaner' look of the grill and I'd LOVE the wheels if they were about 17x9's...
  5. Any one notice the front bumper is different? I Seem to like the 6 better. It just seems to give it less of the frown look. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. quite frankly the reason I'm not in serious lust for a new '05 is because while I HAVE to have a V-8, I really think the V-6 version looks a lot 'cleaner'...and those two pictures of the front end really display that well...
  7. I love it and I love the color but would still prefer the GT. I would have to decide between the lime (my favorite color is green) and the silver which just looks so classy!
  8. Yep I think that Lime V6 is hideous. There is no edge to it. It's just...tired. It reminds me of these nasty vinyl couches that my parents had in the 70's. I like the retro touches, but thats overboard I think.
  9. They should put the fender emblem thats on the current V6's on the side of the new ones, and I think that green color is mostly responsible for making the car look bad.
  10. Loose the side stripes and I think it looks fine for the V6. Also, I think the legend lime would look great with white racing stripes.
  11. :D :D :D Or it could come off as the clown fish :D :D :D
    :mad: :mad: :mad: verses the shark :mad: :mad: :mad:
    :) :) :) Then again you can smile and look aggressive too :) :) :)
  12. I absolutly love the GT, and the V6 looks anything but performance oriented compared to the GT in my eyes. The GT's grill lamps are just awesome! However I do like the V6's wheels with the spinners I think the GT should be able to have them as an option, they are very old school performance looking. Don't get me wrong the V6 is not ugly, its "cute" in a real unmasculine unperformance way, I bet a lot of teenage girls would love one. And I would say I like the 05 V6 a lot more than the current V6, especially those dumb pony edition stangs uggggghhh! :nice:
  13. Yeah I think the 2005 V6 looks pretty boring. Maybe they'll change it in 2006?
  14. It sure looks better without the oversized driving (?) lights in the grille. Y'all are right that the color bites, but the base car (and WHY can't it be had in either 6 or 8??) is mighty good looking. Looks clean and fast....

    Now if they would just do something about that fat butt!!!
  15. The GTR head lights/grill/bumper combo blows away the GT and V6 IMHO :hail2:

    Can anyone photoshop different rims on the V6? maybe that will help.
  16. so far I am thinking when I get mine I am removing the GT emblem on the sides and changing it to the V6 grille. Unless you know what to look for no one will know it's a GT...sleeper.
  17. the 6s looks gay, the silver GT is hott
  18. I want that V6 mustang sticker on the GT :( :shrug: