I don't think he can beat me, what do you think?

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  1. My buddy that I have beat about 4-5 times pretty easily that has (88 coupe - 306, edelbrock performer RPM, 600 carb, B303 cam, longtubes, underdrive pulleys, and pertronix, T5 with 2.79 gears, no that's not a misprint, 2.79's), thinks that a 86, with a stock 302 with 24# injectors, B303 cam, T5, and stock everything else can beat me even with my mods in the sig plus my future roller cam Comp Cams roller .512/.153 lift and .484/.496 duration setup.

    What a joke!!! :rlaugh:

    What do you guys think? BTW, I've beat plenty of modded 5.0's, so I really don't think it's an issue. I put myself at somewhere in the 13's, what do you think?

    All I had to say to him was "Just wait, you'll see!". :rlaugh: :D :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. I meant .512/.513, not .512/.153.
  3. well, if he had 4.11 gears i think he could handle you, at least it'd be a good race, but you should take both easy as is. The near stock one has little shot.

    edit: That is assuming you have a posi rear with gears, which, upon looking, i do not see in your sig. The 5.0 might handle you really easy if you don't have a posi rear...
  4. I have a posi rear with 3.55's, but I just neglected to put it in my sig.