I feel like laying down in the highway

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  1. I've had one of the worst days of my life. :(
  2. What happened? At least you're alive, so it can't be all that bad.
  3. Hmmm

    No response, maybe you're wrong Brian!
  4. No, I'm here. I think today is better. We bought another Mustang last night so that helped some.
  5. What could be so bad???
  6. My mom won't say anything to me. Even if I ask her something. For all she could care, I could be dead. Today is NOT better.
  7. Whatever it is it aint that bad. A firend of my wife and I just had to decide to pull the plug on the ventilator keeping her husband alive, after fighting cancer for 2 1/2 years.He passed shortly there after leaving his wife and their 6 year old child. He would have given anything to live with the petty problems we deal with. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and figure out a solution.

    The last time THIS forum had someone posting like you are we lost a troubled soul shortly after his posts. Talk it out. ANYTHING can be talked out. E-mail or PM one of us if you need an anonymous ear to fill or ask for advice. Don't do anything extreme
  8. i agree whoelheartedly with gp001, if you are having problems talk them out. dont let them fester inside you as it will make things worse.
  9. Add me in the list of those willing to help. I once was ready to go step in front of a Kenworth; because life was pretty much worthless or even had a negative value to me. The "200-somethingth" girl had just dumped me. :rolleyes: after she had somebody else's child.

    24 years later, my wife of 21 years and our kids have taught me that life's lousey moments just aren't worth giving up over. Hang in there, and I'm available for long talks, as well.

    Still Dreamin'
  10. I'm on the list as well, life doesn't seem to be going to hot for me either man, but I'm still here kickin... if ya need to talk or someone to trade problems to help I'm here...

    The Swede
  11. ya i agree with the rests of the posts. im assuming you've got a stang cause your on this site, if you do maybe go take a long drive in it or if its not running go out and turn the radio on and work on it. something to take your mind off of whatever is bothering you. if you dont have a stang then maybe a walk around the block/town will do you good. im here as well if ya need anything. good luck. see ya
  12. I may not be an old fogey or particularly wise, but I have had experience in problematic parents. pm/email me with the circumstances, and I'll help if I can.

  13. If you're healthy, you're good! Believe me, when you're not you know it! If you're healthy you've got no problems! FWIW you're talking to a person who does 10 hours of kidney dialysis each day!
  14. I won't preach about parents, I've been living on my own since 16 (now 27) and haven't said a word to my father in that time (nor has he made any attempt to say boo to me). I don't know if I'm better or worse for it, but I know it could be ALOT worse than that! There's a bunch of great folks here to talk to, you can add me to the list if you want.....
  15. She's talking to me again, although very little. I'm starting to work on getting out of here anyway. I'm almost 22, I should be gone from their house anyways.