I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. GoBucs

    Personally, I welcome your input. All viewpoints should be brought to light, and your counterpoint helps keep the thread going, as in any worthwhile debate. Neither side should be stifled. Keep in mind that the only reason this argument is going is that many responsible Mustang owners (total number unknown, but significant) have a problem we would love to have resolved by Ford "service", but aren't getting any acknowledgement or satisfaction. What you're seeing is pure frustration over a "solution" that doesn't work. And I expect to see my Bucs against the Dolphins in the SB this year. Sorry about them Lions.
  2. Much rather hear myself talk then listen to your blathering. I am glad you find it amusing.


  3. Bucs, maybe because they are from a tough division. Dolphins, well Ricky can't do it all. Good luck.

  4. The reason I asked people not to post unless they have a problem is because I am using this post as a reference to show responses to this problem. We are trying to help each other here and get this resolved. If you had this problem I GUARANTEE you wouldn't be such a prick about this issue. Luckily there are only a few of you out there and the rest of us wanna help each other out, instead of being a fool, and f#cking it up for us all.

    Thanks to you all who have contributed in a mature way, keep your fingers crossed. it is looking like a very tough battle.

    Thanks All!!!
  5. Talk about a mature way... Using F *ing, fool and prick? Wow that is pretty mature. I will stive for that level. I guess it is easier for a simple mind to use these type words instead of thinking up something more intelligent.

    I am sure that if Ford saw this type of exchange they would agree with me that you have your head up your *ss. Woops, see this thread is rubbing off on me.


  6. Not sure if this has been addressed yet since I don't have the time to read 5+ pages of replies, but overfilling could very well could be the problem. My T-45 was overfilled (just short of 4 quarts at the fill hole) and was grinding like an SOB. I emptied it to the correct 3200 mL and the grinding went away. To much oil won't let the synchros spin up properly, and voila! ... grind.
  7. From what I have heard overfilling and underfilling can cause problems with grinding. According to Ford, mine is to be filled 1/2 BELOW the fill cap, not up to the fill cap.


  8. i have sent e-mail to Dewayne. thanks for taking some action for us

    You all have to see something here in my opinion. Transmission is most complex part of your car. Right? way I see it that TR3650 may, and I emphesize word MAY, may not have been designe well enough to put up with duties that is sees on the car.
    I see that some had the probrem since day one. Some had unit replaced few times. Some are saying due to bad driver and such. Guys, think of it this way. As much as we like to think that car is special, it is not. Not like some - say something like Ferrari F-40 or sort. Mustang is an "affordable" sports car. always have been. with customers rangeing from hardcore muscle car fan to some 16y/o highschool girl who had thier daddy buy car for them, because it look nice to middle age gentlmen who had a midlife crises to mom who bought it as gift to her self or whatever.
    With veriety of driving style car would be subjected to, as car of such, transmission, being such a important part of car that is not made with single perpose(like race car), should have been made to be durouble enough to withstand such daily usage. It is no secret that some Mustang will, and have seen hard duty, such as sunday racing, but it is also true that some unit would see less, as some driver just drive it like any other car.
    almost look like if your not extra, and I mean extra easy on it, it'll fail - hense the simptoms that some of us has exprienced. which makes me think that unit is not durable enough to see such veriety of uage. And if this is the case, then should have never been approved to be in the car until it is so.

    i don't know. As for me, I have hard shifting between 2nd~3rd, and grinding in to reverse on my 01GT with 28000 miles on it. I drive like anyother car with no perticuler style.
  9. I know there are differant problems with this trans. Most common seem to be 1-2 shift clunk. The other is grinding into gear.

    Well here is my fix for a 1-2 clunk. When my Mach 1 was cold this was VERY noticible. Had to shift very slowly and ease it in gear. Would take 10-15 minutes of driving before it started to go away, even then I would hear it every once in a while.

    Called Tremec. They told me two things:

    - Dumpt the factory fill (was told by Tremec Mobil 1 syn). Replace it with Texaco (Havoline) Dexron III.
    - Drop the fill amount from Ford's recommendation of 3.8 to 3.2 quarts.

    They said this would fix the problem. I wasn't as sure as they were. What do you know, it worked. No clunk, even when I try to get it (pop the clutch a little too early). Dont' even get it on a fast downshift like a Iused to. Feels great. If anyone has a shifting clunk I would highly recommend the change.

    Shouldn't take you more that 20 minutes to do:

    - Warm up the and get it up on ramps or jacks. The higher the better as the fill hole is a little tough to reach.

    - Use 3/8 inch ratchet to remove drain plug (bottom rear of trans).
    - Clean / replace plug and remove the fill plug. Same type plug, higher up on passenger side of trans rear.
    - Don't use a 2 hose hand siphon pump. They are garbage for this job, trust me. Go to Meijer and buy a pump that screws directly to the top of the trans bottle. Make sure the "fluid out" least 1 foot long to reach the fill plug. The "fliud in" line to the pump drops right down in the bottle. Makes it easy to pump out 99% from the bottle.
    - fill with 3.2 quarts (3027 ML to be exact). Bottles are marked in ML's.
    - Replace fill plug and your done.

    I am extremely happy with how the Tremec is shifting now. I ran it through is paces hard, even cold and it is great. If anyone is going to try it and has a question, PM or e-mail me.

  10. Well I got my car back from the shop Friday they replaced a bunch of stuff and of course the clunk is still there :bang: , not as loud as it was before but still there. The parts they replaced were: disc assy-clutch, plate&cover assy-cl press, hub&bearing assy-cl rel, lever assy-cl rel, gate-trans gr sh low/rev, fork shift assy-1st/2nd, mercon V automatic trans fluid( :shrug: ). The service guy said the clutch fork was broken in half and the throwout bearing was rubbing up against the broken piece causing the squelling. Also the car still has the hesitation at a steady 55mph and in 5th [email protected] They said it is not uncommon for the newer stangs to do this and ford is also trying to find a cure :bs: . Anyway I'm just about fedup with this car its always something, I think it was built on a Friday afternoon right near quitting time.
  11. Almost forgot they adjusted my clutch somehow and also raised my clutch pedal. Now it sits about an inch and a half higher than the brake pedal and engages just about half and inch below the brake pedal. Before it went all the way to the floor. I kind of like the adjustment but now the pedals are all stagered.
  12. Better yet, forget the pump. Get a 3 foot piece of clear hose and a funnel. Put one end of the hose in the fill hole and fish the other into the engine bay. Stick the funnel on it and start pouring.
  13. UHHH YEAH! Mine is going to ford tomorrow, i'm all about working on my own car in fact I changed my oil at 5 grand in my apt. parking lot without a jack! But common guys this is not OUR problem. I'm an engineer for a major aerospace bearing manufacturer and let me tell you if we sell bearings that do not function in the conditions specified by the customer, we get them back with a dirty note! FORD SHOULD GET THE SAME! I'm all about American cars but this thread makes me sick guys. This is piss poor quality and design. If it is something as simple as a fluid change why is Ford wasting their time and money putting new transmissions in cars that dont need them? i'm not firing at anyone in particular I'm just saying dont lower the bar for them. As for myself I'm a regular stang owner, I drive it to work and to play at the track once in a while. I never beat up the tranny and I put a Tri-Ax in it at 3XXX miles on the clock. I have 10,460 on it now and it grinds all the time 2-3 shift. If we demand a better product ford will listen!

    Ken Hoffman
  14. Well, you go to battle and let us know how you do. Not flaming ya but I fought for a year. I could have fixed it my self but I wanted to prove a point that I didn't abuse my car and in the end I got my tranny warrantied for the third time and ended up sueing the dealership(long story)
    What made me even more upset is I work for Ford and Dearborn knows it's a problem but for some reason they can't/won't fix it, where as the blue collar worker like me says simple, put the T-56 in all mustangs like GM did with the Camaro, they save money by only having one manual tranny and it's been proven to work well, but the suit and tie guys that have been college educated don't have any common sense and don't listen to us lowly assembly line workers :rollseyes:
  15. Bravo psnous bravo.
  16. Correct, but I ask you what is the purpose of this thread again? We are trying to get Ford to take responsibility for their product failures. If you want to fix it your way that is fine from a functionality standpoint but from a principle standpoint I cannot agree with you. What is our offical count up to?

  17. What is the status of this? How many people are we up to?
  18. I had the 2nd gear grind (It would not even let me in 2nd) 3rd gear grind so i TOOK off all my mods and took it up to the place i get stuff warrentied and i will get it back monday...I feel bad for people with stock Gts because mine is slow as hell with out my mods
  19. I have a completely stock 2003 Mach I. Even though I do have the 1-2 clunk.... it is not what really bothers me.

    The real problem is that it is almost impossible to get into 3rd gear if I wind up somewhere past 5000 RPM. This is a REALLY big deal.

    I have never raced and barely ever go over 3k in day-to-day driving, but the few times I feel like getting on it onto the on ramp, I sure would like to be able to have more than 2 gears!
  20. :lol: What did you run stock? And what did you run with your mods? I checked your mod list and I don't see anything there that's worth more than a tenth in the quarter, or maybe two at the absolute most.

    Maybe you are one of those people who buys a fast car and then just drives it on the street, and you are basing your post on seat-of-the-pants feel (which is completely unreliable) or street racing (which is even less reliable). Anyway, you don't need to feel bad for me, I ran [email protected] stock. So I bet I would leave you in the dust despite your mods.

    And my opinion on this thread remains " :lock: :lock: :lock: ." It really has degenerated from the anecdotal to the plain idiotic.