I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. Name: Joe Sperlazza
    Year Vehicle: 2002
    Problem: Replaced 3650 once, but it is now having the same problems. Grinding gears, sticking in gear, sometimes not going into the desired gear.
    contact info: [email protected]
  2. I am another victim of the 3650 Tremec. I have a brand new 2004 Mach 1 not 700 miles on the car and the 1 to 2 shift is terrible! I called my dealer this evening and told him of the problem he responded by saying he never heard of a Mustang or Tremec transmission problem. And he also reminded me that this is not a "speed shift capable transmission". I said to him "If you never heard of a problem why would you say something like that?". And he said only bring it in if I wanted to! I thought that was a good one. I am a diehard Ford guy and Mustang guy as well but give me a break here. Someone also posted that Tremec has the part numbers for the fix, is this true? Ford checked in the computer and knew nothing about that. :bang:
  3. The part numbers are in the "official tremec 3650 issues" thread
  4. The part numbers are in the "official tremec 3650 issues" thread. The dealers won't acknowledge anything until the actual TSB comes out. My union rep said it is close, just waiting for the parts to be plentiful
  5. Maybe to add a little credibility (or discredit) to the "Tremec" problem I have a rather long-winded reply.
    At the age of 46, with a rather extensive 30 year hobbyist gearhead background, I purchased a leftover 2003 vert 5-speed last month (knowing of the potential "Tremec" problem). The car "clunked" into second, but I have dismissed this as an issue, given the soggy engine / trans mounts. What I don't like is GRINDING going into second (occasionally third). The grinding did not show up until around the 500-600 mile mark (still chilly in the Colorado front range).
    > 46 year old believer in "easy" break-in.
    > at 1800 miles the motor has not seen above 4K rpm (much less at first).
    > Never a ham handed shift (believe what you like about my capabilities).
    > NOTE: Sit still, clutch in, put into first == driveline thunk (clutch dragging??).
    > Jack up car; idle; clutch IN (wife operating); how much arm torque to hold rear wheel still (too much in my opinion - possible injury [46 yo]).
    I know this ranting is all over the map, but I'm not convinced this is a transmission problem - BUT - I am experiencing 1-2 (rare 2-3) shift GRIND not clunk. No speed parts (don't get me started), and NO ABUSE.
    I was going to blow off the "recommended" dealer first service, but I'm going to play the game (until I get sick of it), and give Ford the chance to do right.
    BTW: the muncie in my V8 Vega 22 years ago did the same thing because I tried to adapt the cable clutch to a standard TO bearing arragement (stoopid) --Clutch drag.
  6. Ya know all of you people blaming everything but the trannsmission are idiots. The tranny should hold up to a lot of abuse so long as no modifications have been made to the car. I had no idea this was such a huge problem. Well that answers one of my questions i have been asking on this forum lately, i'm not buying a mustang, another used vette looking better all the time. Thanks for those of you who have responded to some of my threads, good luck with your issue.
  7. Has there been any thing done about the tranny problem yet? I ask because my trans (01 cobra bone stock) decided to toss 2nd gear after it did it normal clunk in to 2nd. And now I am going to have to do battle with dealer to get it fixed under warranty.
  8. I can't remember the year but it was in the early 90's
    I owned a late 80's F-150 dark silver paint.

    Oneday I got a letter in the mail stating that the paint ford had used on the silver or gray??? F-150's had had a problem with the way it had been mixed.

    Ford repainted a ton of silver trucks.
    They subed out the work and covered the cost 100% to paint the truck at a local paint and body shop.

    I didn't even know there was a problem with the paint but when ford offered to paint my truck I was all for it.

    So that shows ford will do something if enough people ****.
    I figure ford spent 900 -1500 bucks to have my truck repainted that should be in the ballpark of what a trany should cost ford at cost.

    I was even thinking about trading my wifes gt in on a new stang but after reading this I don't know about that.

    I've done been thru the auto transmission problems with a early explorer 3 to be exact. I also had to deal with the firestone thing.
    I just really don't want to deal with more problems although the 04 stangs a nice looking car.
  9. A TSB came out a few weeks ago.
  10. It did. I called, and got the run around (saying they had to be able to reproduce the problem, etc.). Neither they nor I mentioned the TSB. I did tell them that my Stang has popped out of 2nd gear three times in the last month for no reason and then he started in with the riggamaroll. :shrug:

  11. Is this still a possibility? What's been going on? Update?
  12. It's probably a waste of time now since the TSB was issued.
  13. Even if the TSB isn't fixing all of them? :shrug: I guess I am just being overly concerned as mine is in the shop right now being "fixed"!!
  14. Damn, talk about resurection
  15. The TSB is useless to all of the owners who have been fighting this since 2001-2 or anyone who has over 36000 miles. They need to extend the trans warranty to cover those people so they get their cars fixed properly.
  16. Tremec 3650

    Get my name on this list. I have a 2006 Mustang GT, with an already failed transmission, the third gear syncros are gone, now here is where it gets good. I bought a used replacement for Ford to use as opposed to their 4k new tranny, or the 34oo for the rebuilt. Now I get a call from Ford stating the tranny is locked in gear. So I currently have two bad transmissions. My trans mission only had 21k miles, the replacement has 30k. Add my info to the list and count on me for all my assistance. This is ridiculous.
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  20. i have an 03 and i have to shift from 1 to 3 in the morning for the first 5 mins after that its fine.