I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. Tremec already gave the best solutions they could and Ford is already applying them, look at them at: http://www.bullittarchive.com/Misc/Tremec/ , Tremec solved problems in the TR-3650 already (back in late 2001) but still making the transmissions with few problems (but at lower level), and Ford is putting in the best oil they can already. Tremec doesn't have any other solution other than the one in the link I posted (other than different transmission), the old T-45 had many problems also (grind, clutch wearing out very soon, hard cluth, ...), so the only solution I see is to put a T-56.

    BTW, my TR-3650 is great and no problems :D
  2. I took this qoute from vrpiratas links
    If only the transmission built from Feb '01 to Aug '01 are expirencing these problems than why is my '03 thats only one month old grinding the hell out of 1st 2nd and sometimes 2nd to 3rd. I don't even really beat on the thing and it still does it :confused:.
  3. I asked the dealer the same question in reference to my Mach 1 that has done the exact same thing since the day I bought it. He just gave me a dopey look and said it needs to "break in". 8,000 miles later it still grinds on the 1-2 shift almost everytime, occasionaly on 2-3 and full throttle 2-3 shift is damn near impossible. The dealer has changed the fluid etc. Still does the same thing, I want to swap in a tri-ax but I know the moment I do the dealer is gonna claim that is the cause and void the warrenty on it.
  4. just curious...so i'm subscribing.
  5. Ya ever hear of the Ford Explorer and Firestone? Ford is responsible for the equipment on the cars they sell. I'll be sending my information shortly. Thanks for doing this.
  6. ill be sending my info!
  7. Is it just me or do all these people with the grinding problems have a whole different problem than those with just difficult engagement. My car is very notchy and totally inconsistant when shifting to second gear. However it actually feels better on a full throttle, semi high rpm, or redline shift. Third gear engagement is much better but not exactly a dream, and sometimes after I stop at a light and try to hit first while I'm just sitting there, it acts like it doesn't want to go at all, and I have to pull it back down into second, sometimes even a few times before it will finally go into first. To me , there is just no reason it should be so hard to shift into second, even though I have grown a little bit used to it. My car never grinds though. It is just really balky and notchy and difficult to shift. It doesn't really get a whole lot better as the car warms up. It's always there, pretty much. It does get a whole lot worse in the cold, cold weather. It was terrible in Wisconsin when I first bought it, but luckily, I moved to Florida. Does this sound like the description of the problem that most are having and are concerned with in this action?
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  12. I just emailed my info. I think everyone should do the same and really take a shot at getting Ford to respond. Hopefull with some type of recall.
  13. Why don't you guys talk to Victor Manning? :D I think he will fix the problems you are having...

    Anybody else know about Victor Manning?
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    how many emails have you received so far dewayne?
  15. Why don't you guys talk to Victor Manning? :D I think he will fix the problems you are having...

    Anybody else know about Victor Manning?
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