I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. I have a problem shifting from 1st to 2nd mostly. I even went as far as installing a Pro 5 shifter. It helped a little bit, but I still have a hard time shifting especially trying to run a quarter mile.
  2. Well, since I've had no luck selling my baby I've joined the list! I sure hope that we get some satisfaction out of this.
  3. still got a long way to go , but just the reports we have got so far are very good, thanks to you all, that get very detailed that is going to help alot, and save time.

    thanks all !!!
  4. still got a long way to go , but just the reports we have got so far are very good, thanks to you all, that get very detailed that is going to help alot, and save time.

    thanks all !!!
  5. I'm in as well :banana:
  6. I only have 1200 miles on my Bullitt, and it had that 1st to 2nd crunch (cold) from day one. Now when I try to shift it HARD like power shift, it CRUNCHES BIG TIME, Like a worn syncro or blocking ring. You can add me to your list. If you get enough to get this underway, I will supply all needed information.

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  7. Sent in my e-mail...

    i had my 3650 rebuilt once at about 20k(under warrenty)... and the issue never went away :(
  8. Any news Dewayne?
  9. t-3650

    supposedly ford is about to issue a recall on th T-3650 tranny. Thats what the dealership just told me anyway, we'll see next week I guess.
  10. Let us hope that the recall will happen, and will fix the problems with the T-3650... as I'm shopping for a Bullitt/2k1 Cobra right now.
  11. I hope so, like I said I'll find out next week. This came from the service manager here at the dealership. I just hope he wasnt misinformed and or misunderstood what the company told him.
  12. Let's do it! I sent you my data. :banana:
  13. ok the latest from the ford is that the clutch is at fault it isnt fully engaging. Parts are on order :shrug: , they didnt really specify what parts but did mention clutch, bearings, syncro's etc. :bang: Pretty much all the same stuff they swapped out last time. Oh well when the parts come in I'll get the list. :OT: They did find out what was causing the hesitation/ticking noise, a broken spark plug. I've never had a spark plug just break before. Anyway I thought I was going to get some get some good news about the tranny but it appears to be the same old story. Like I said I'll get a list of the parts they order and keep ya'll posted
  14. Seems like this is kind of dying. Haven't heard from Dewayne in over 2 weeks. Lets look at it from Ford's point of view:

    - A group of internet forum folks get 500 complaints about a tranny
    - Ford figures out what % of total trannys that represents (probably hundreds of thousands out on the market). Guessing a pretty small percentage.
    - Ford then calculates their costs of a massive recall.
    - Sorry folks but it is $'s and cents. I don't see a recall happening. I am not saying that it is good business, but Ford has to look at the big picture (not like us individual owners). Ford is willing to risk customer satisfaction for a MASSIVE recall expense. I would assume that the majority of vehicle recalls are for safety issues. This is not a true safety issue.
    - Ford will just have thier dealers handle it on a case by case basis and just soak up the warrenty costs. They will hope most put up with it.

    Again, this is how I think Ford will see the issue and is not necessarily my opinion.


  15. Sent in my info.

    I am having simlar problems and was told by the dealership that it was a known issue and that there was nothing to worry about. How can something not work right but be "nothing to worry about"?
  16. Ive got a 2003 GT, and since Day 1 2-3rd was almost impossible to hit at a high rpm. I just put a new tri ax in and that helped with the 2-3rd, but now 1-2nd is pretty tough. I fix one problem and get another lol. I havent even told the dealer about it since I put a tri axe on it. Im sure that is to blame :).
  17. Golions

    I understand that 500 isn't a drop in the bucket for Ford, but it is better than being alone and trying to take them on. Hopefully word spreads to other websites and clubs and we get more support. Maybe if a magazine or Blueovalnews.com pitches in we can make a difference.
  18. What does the attorney say at this point ? - His course of action ? I sent the original email but haven't heard anything.


  19. T-5 Same Thing !!!!

    I Bought This 2000 Gt New T-5 Trans, And From The Start When You Go In Rev- You Need To Go To 3rd Then Into Rev So You Get No Grinding. Also At Different Times My 2nd Gear Grinds Also Even With The Tri-ax Shifter Maybe Not As Bad Some Times . I Have Owned 6 Cars With Stickand All Of Them Did The Same Thing . From 68 Chevelle Ss Munc 22trans 70 Chevelle Ss Munc21trans Hurst Shifter -73 Vet Stock Shifter , 82 Blazer Stock Shifter & 2000 Mustang Gt And The Only One That Shifted Like It Should Was The 90 Vet 6 Spd - The Reason It Was Great It Was A German Tranny That The Vipper Uses, Also It Cost 3 Times The Price Of Fords And No One Would Want To Work On It If You Had Problems . Ford Makes A Great Ride For The Money!!!!!!!! I No It Sucks Buying A New Car And That Bother`s You But For The Price I Am Still Real Happy!!!! , And Some Things You Have To Just Play With It At Time`s Just Like The Older Muscle Cars . Things Stay The Same On Some Stuff.
    2000 Gt 5spd
    Cdc- Shaker Ram-air System
    Tri-ax Shifter
    Off Road X-pipes
    Flow Masters 2 Chamber
    Saleen Power Flash& Saleen Cal - Speedo
    Cobra R Rimes
    Bullet Calibers
    13" Zinc Crossed Drilled & Slotted Rotors
    Almada Racing -ported & Polished Plenum Air Box
    Under Drive Pulleys
    K&n Filter
    Ford Racing Gauges
    373 8.8 Rear
    And Ton`s Of Interior Stuff!!