I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. get over it.. ford mad the cars to drive not race.. i have a 97 cobra and my tranny went out at 28000 miles. when you race or just drive fast **** breaks.. get over it.. buy a tko or something like that if you want to drive hard.. so deal... :( ..
  2. Well Im not exactly sure what the Tremec Rep at Dearborn told me but I know it was something about what the 3650 has or doesn't have as apposed to the other trannies. We are now emailing each other. I will ask him to explain it in a way I can copy and paste onto here.
  3. I want in, my trans. is a POS. That first to second is bad. I have a 2003, with 17,000 on it.
  4. :nonono:
    What the heck is wrong with some of you guys............you saying things like "Thats what you expect from Ford", and, "The reason is because we have a cheap v8 sports car as opposed to Vettes and Vipers" and what-not..........I don't care if we paid $10000 for the damn cars, the point is we paid for a NEW car and no matter the price, should operate as such ! That's the attitude that Ford is hoping everyone has! And as far as Ford not wanting expensive recalls, Ford has contracts with their suppliers (i.e. Tremec) that they will have to honor for Ford, so ultimately, costs would be minimal for The Blue Oval !

    AT FORD, QUALITY IS JOB 1..............Has everyone forgotten about this old slogan?............let's hold them to their word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mine's a dark shadow gray '03 also, with Mach 1000 sound and POS tranny like yours. Hope this suit takes off.
  6. Roger that, NiteMare! If quality is Job 1, I'd hate to see Job 2.
  7. Wake up and smell the coffee if you think Ford will issue a recall for this. Granted it is a problem but Ford will handle it on a case by case basis. And as far as Ford's cost being minimal if a recall happens, I think you are wrong. Ford and Tremec would both have significant costs. When Ford recalled the Explorer for the Firestone issue, I don't think the financial impact was only in lawsuits. FYI $$$ and cents aren't the only cost of a recall, there is also image. They will hold out until the very end, sorry to say. If Ford wouldn't incurr any costs they probably would have issued the recall and sent all the bills to Tremec.

    Just for your guys information, someone on another mustang message board had tranny warrenty work denied because of his comments Ford pulled from a forum. In his posts he mentioned something like "pulling mods from his car before taking it in". I don't necessarilly agree with Ford doing this, but just wanted to spread the word.

    Good luck guys.


  8. Agreed 100%... the people who post that kind of crap probably couldn't afford a new V6 Mustang. They drive Dodge Caravans and they are jealous of the few people who can own any kind of fast car. They try to discount what we have earned by calling it "cheap." They try and soothe their pain at driving a Caravan by mocking what others (their superiors in life) own.

    As far as Vipers and Corvettes go, believe me when I say they have quality problems of their own. The GT is a better all-around car than the Viper and isn't far behind the Corvette. Just about every Corvette I see has water collecting in the taillamp assemblies and crooked exhaust. Vipers ride like ***** and have a crummy little top that makes the Mustang covertible top look like something off a Bentley.

    Actually, I think the '99-and-up GTs will endure a real beating at the drag strip. In fact, I know they will. There are two basic problems here, neither of which you really mention: transmissions that were improperly serviced or assembled, and people who haven't learned to drive a standard.

    My honest opinion: it's revealing that I don't have these problems, despite the fact that my '01 GT is the first stickshift I have driven regularly, and despite the fact that I flogged it mercilessly at the track.

    What makes me special? I didn't ***** with the damn thing. I didn't change its fluid, change its shifter, change the rear-end gears, etc. I just left it the hell alone, and have had zero problems. Could this be a coincidence? Or is it possible that what we are seeing here is at least partially the result of improperly installed or designed modifications? Believe me, that is what Ford will say to many of you, and I'm inclined to agree until proven otherwise.

    It's amazing how easily people get away with making stereotypical statements like "the Mustang is cheap" or "the Mustang is only good to modify." Have the people who make these statements ever really driven a stock Mustang for a prolonged period of time? It's amazing how refined the newer ones actually are... mine is the quietest, smoothest-riding car I've ever owned, and I have owned multiple Buicks, an Oldsmobile, and a Nova. These were cushy cars, but the new Mustang beats them overall in NVH. It's also better-assembled, and I personally think the stock 3650 shifts like butter. As far as speed goes, I think you all know that I ran 13s in my stock GT, and there are plenty of people with long mod lists who aren't doing that. Blame it on the rain?

    And I already described in detail why the T3650 and 3.27s make up the ideal drivetrain for the Mustang (see the other 3650-related thread). I did more than write about this, I made it happen at the track. So get out your flamethrowers, but I am not ready to conclusively blame Ford for anything mentioned on this thread.
  9. Dude have you not been reading these at all, the problems are not from modding the cars at all. We have had this problem with the tranny in stock form. Mine has clunked since day one and Ford said it was normal. Now they are starting to admit there is a problem and are trying to fix it. So congrates on your particular car not having a problem but dont even try and say this is an imaginary problem or caused by gears and shifter mods. And yes this car should be able to take a beating its a damn sports car.
  10. I agree, my car since day one i bought it has been like this, dont even say its only people who mod there cars, or treat it badly, this car i have treated like a baby. I own 3 other mustangs, i treat them like i would treat a kid. My car has no been touched by myself or another shop other then ford. What does ford tell me about my tranny problem, nothing, they say its perfectly normal. That there are no problems at all... This bull****, and you are just stupid to believe its because of mods.
  11. I'm just about SURE that Ford will not recall these trannies, but all I was saying in my previous post is that in business, the customer is ALWAYS right ! IF your car is under warranty, and you are not happy about the way something is or is not performing, TAKE IT BACK TO YOUR DEALER !............over and over and over until YOU get what YOU are satisfied with! All I was saying before is no-one has to settle for less. I'm just telling you guys not to sit home unhappy, take it back until they are sick of seeing you pull in the lot! I haven't had problems with mine.......YET, but I wish ya'll luck if you're having any problems!!

    :uzi: TREMEC..............................LOL
  12. I agree totally. That is what the warrenty is for. If your trans is fixed Have Ford fix it. Here are some simple steps:

    - Take it to the dealer
    - If they work on it and the probelm still exists, take it back until it is fixed correctly.
    - They get three tries before the lemon law kicks in.
    - If they repeatedly refuse to work on it, maybe there is a good reason.

    Ford should clean up their problems, I just don't think a class action suit will work or is the way to go. You guys just need to be persistant.

    I would bet for every person in this forum who actually took the time ot go to a dealer for service, there are 2 or 3 people who have done nothing but complain.


  13. Before I bought my '03 Cobra, I test drove a 5-speed GT, and was positively impressed with the transmission. Then I got the Cobra and was disappointed by the balky T-56. It goes into gear all right, but will not be rushed at all. I'm talking about nearly a 3/4-second snick-snick between gears. A little better after 1/2 hour of driving, but never as silky smooth as I expected. Any sort of speed shifting is out of the question.

    So it appears that it's the luck o' the draw whether you get a good one or not, and how long it will last. Quality is job 9,999,999.
  14. That'll work if you cannot use the car, but if it's just a balky tranny and the dealer says "nothing wrong" or "within spec" your ability to lemon law the car may be limited. When I complain about my Cobra's clutch and tranny, I'm told it's within "normal".
  15. Right - take it to the dealer like I did (twice already) and have them tell you they don't see anything wrong. And this was before I know I wasn't the only one with this problem. Does the lemon law still kick in if they don't do anything? And by the way, I drive my car like an old man. Oh, yeah, I AM an old man. But I had many manual trannys in my day, starting with Lotus, Corvette and MGB, just to name the first three. So I know what they should feel like. I'm all for the lawsuit - it's about time to put on some heat rather than bend over and grease up like they've been expecting us to.

  16. I don't think the people who mention a "clunk" going into second have the same problem as most of the people who are complaining. My car does make a clunk going into 2nd, and it's somewhat loud. I just think that is normal: heavy drivertain plus unit body. So yes, the stock cars do have that "problem."

    I mentioned three things in my post: modifications; improper assembly; and bad drivers. One other thing I have suggested before is to check drivetrain alignment, and investigate the possibility of soft or sagging mounts. This is a suggestion that has been completely ignored, despite it's simple / obvious nature (and this helps explain my attitude to this thread). But in summary, I never said that mods were the only potential cause of these problems. There are really many potential causes, but the one explanation I completely discount is that the T3650 is anything less than an excellent design, because based on my own experience it is an excellent design, when in stock, properly assembled condition.

    BTW, I do think it's completely ignorant when people try to fix these issues with an aftermarket shifter, or b1tch at Ford because they won't replace their transmission after they put on an aftermarket shifter. Anyone who doesn't think an aftermarket shifter can (if not properly designed/installed) screw up your car is just ignorant. It's a matter of common sense. That TSB that somebody posted about aftermarket shifters got flamed six ways from Sunday, but why??
  17. Have you been reading the posts by people who have stock cars, driven them easy, and still have the problem? The fact that the same problem keeps coming up should convince the densest of people that there is actually a problem. Or do you secretly work for Ford?
  18. I have read every post in this nauseating thread.

    I don't think we all agree on what the problem is. Some people complain that their transmission clunks. Some people complain that it grinds. Nobody has ever tried to sort out the various problems and their potential root causes. Everyone would rather just trash Ford and their dealers.

    Now I know that a clunk and a grind are not the same thing. Any transmission will grind if you shift it inaccurately or too quickly. Grinding can be bad for the transmission, but drivetrain "clunking" does not seem like a real problem to me. Somehow this thread has ignored the distinction between these noises, much as it ignored the easy, logical suggestion I made about driveline misalignment.

    The bottom line: I don't see any evidence of a single, widespread problem. I see a bunch of people - many of them with aftermarket shifters - with various problems that can mostly be explained away without the need for some massive conspiracy (or even incompetence) on Ford's part.
  19. Go back and read the "Official Tremac 3650 Issues thread". If you don't see a common legitimate complaint among many owners, you've got blinders on. The fact that so much communication is occurring over one problem is a good indication of a reality. I had the problem long before I discovered this forum; this just solidifies my belief that I, and many other former Ford enthusiasts, are being taken advantage of for the cause of Ford's bottom line. So much for brand loyalty!
  20. Mach 1 owners are experience shifting problems with their 3650 as well. Ain't looking very good for 3650's. :(