I got a new Stang. What should I do with it?

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  1. Hey Guys. I got a new Stang!!! Lucky number three! I bought my friends 1987 GT that has been his garage baby for the last eleven years, and has never been abused. He only put 8k miles on it! I have already begun the mod process, but was wondering if any of you wanted to give me some tips. When I got it, it was bone stock, and running a little choked up and rough.
    Here's what I did:
    Air Baffle Removal
    Throttle Body and Idle Speed Control Cleaning
    Outlaw Fuel Injector Cleaner
    Marvel Mystery Oil
    New Spark Plugs
    9mm Ford Motorsport Wires
    High-flow air filter (no K&N yet, gonna get induction kit with one)
    Mac Shorty Headers (ceramic coated)
    Shorty Shifter handle
    CD player
    Mid-grade gas+ hard driving ( to clear it's throat so to speak) got it through emissions
    New Goodyear Eagle GT HR p225/60/HR16s on all corners w/ new pony rims
    Bendix Titaniumetal brake pads

    I am getting brand new cross drilled/slotted rotors wednesday, along with a set of Flowmaster dual chambers (god knows I gotta have 'em!) Gonna do an oil change with Castrol Syntec (ohh, the good stuff). I want to pick up a set of U/D pulleys, but am afraid that they will cause issues with my car. I have heard about electrical problems, but my car always keeps it's volt meter 3/4 the way up. I also plan on getting a BBk cold air induction setup with a nice big K&N on the end of it. Other than that, I don't really know where I am gonna go with the car. I would love to one day get a MSD ignition setup, but from there, who knows? So I leave it to you guys to inspire me. :nice:
  2. I guess it all just depends on what u wanna do with the car. If you just want a little hot rod for the street then it sounds like ur on the road. Maybe an off road h pipe would open it up a little bit more. ( Great soundtrack too) Maybe later a set of Thumpers heads. I hear great things about those that will really wake a street car up. Cheap too. Its really just up to you to decide. Maybe a little laughing gas would be good too. Cheap Thrills. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  3. Ahh a bone stock Speed Density Mustang. Cool!!! Take it to the track and run it a few passes to see what she will do. Bump the timing to 14 for more free power. Get 3.73 gears. What are your goals for the car? Daily driver, racer, Etc?
  4. How many miles on the car total? Just 8K? An original stang is getting more rare by the day, I rarely see them. If you have two others, throw tons of mods at them. Focus on keeping this car as an example of 1987. Maybe add some pony's and subframes to preserve the frame.

    If you do mod, keep it sensible. Maybe p'n'p the heads, tmoss intake, an upgraded exhaust etc.

    Some will probably disagree with me, and opinions flow freely here. Just remember to keep the stock parts, I know in 10 years a 1987 stang with 8K on the clock will fetch a rediculous premium.

  5. I had am off road hpipe on both of my other stangs, and I think I want to stay on the legal side of things for a while with this one. Honestly, I like the way it sounds with the cats on, a little less blaring, slightly muted at idle. Sounds cleaner in my opinion. As far as nitrous goes, I won't touch the stuff. My goals for the car are to make it run hard, stay street legal, and make it look good. It already has a set of 3 inch chrome tail pipes that come out under the rear valence, and the valence has kinda molded to them from the heat, so it looks really bad ass. I originally was going to get a cobra or saleen valence to show the tails, but this looks so unique and cool. I put a decal set into the molded "MUSTANG GT" on the side skirts and valence, looks really good with the black letters against dark red paint. I will be getting a 3 inch cowl hood or the cobra r hood after the holidays, not sure which yet. As far as performance, I want to get as much bang for my limited buck as possible. I do all my own work, or with my mechanic, so I know my car very well. I just have a limited income, what with college and all. Please let me know what you guys think of the pulley ideas. I can't decide if it is worth it... :shrug: The car has 121,000 miles on it, the guy only put 8k on it while he owned it. I am the third owner. He also rust proofed the entire underbody, which is nice. My other two Stangs are gone. I wrecked my first one over a year ago, and I stripped my second back to stock before I sold it. The stock exhaust manifolds got thrashed during removal, but I try to keep everything I can, even if it is just as a spare. I am not trying to stay origninal, I just want a stallion of a Stang. The car is my daily driver, but I want it to kick my ass every time I hit the gas. I like to have fun driving my GT.
  6. I agree - 87 was a special year for these cars.
  7. No opinions about the pulleys? I just bid on a MAC cold air intake, and if I win I will probably order a set of pulleys with it. Can't wait to put on the flowmasters tonight!!!
  8. GEARS, will wake up the car, put in some 3.73's :nice:
  9. About the pullieys, i wouldnt do it unless you put on a bigger alt, cause at night with my head lights, stereo, and maybe heater, my battery goes down quite a bit, so im gona wait to put pullieys on my car untill i do the bigger alt swap.
  10. 3.73s at least, just the crank pulley, subframes.
  11. What should you do ?????
    Thats open ended I kinda like it.. How bout...

    Make it as fast as humanly possible!
  12. if you ever really wanna increase it's power capabilites, your going to have to convert it to mass air. how are you bidding on these cold air kits? Are they made to work with speed density????
  13. I say go for gears now and do subframes before it's too late. 3.37's. Also get a full exhaust with an aftermarket, legal x-pipe!
  14. Don't forget the other fluids such as radiator, diff, and tranny fluid. Don't need the diff changed if you are getting gears though. Seems like you are on the right track. MMO > *
  15. We put the Flowmasters on tonight :nice:, and we advanced the timing to 13.5* :banana: , and tweeked the TPS to 1.1 volts :D . Now the car runs flat out awesome, better than any of my other Stangs :owned: , and sounds nice :p . I am going to score some subframes very soon, and probabaly a strut tower brace. I am bidding on the air intake on Ebay, and yes, some do work with speed density cars, and if you buy the BBK one for mass air, you can get an adapter for like $40.00 from Summit Racing to make it fit SD cars.
    PS- If you outbid me, I'll hunt you down and steal the intake :rlaugh:
  16. why are you not converting to mass air? just curious. that's great that you got it runnin nice though, that's key right there. and good to hear.
  17. What is an air intake? Do you mean a cold air package?
  18. Yeah, a cold air intake system. I am not converting to mass air for two reasons: 1) it costs too damned much :nonono: , and 2) I like the "dumb" computer in a speed density car :banana: . I just scored a hood scoop from an 82 Turbo Mustang, refinished it, and tomorrow am going to mount it on the Stang. It gives it a very aggressive look :mad: , I like it better than a regular cowl hood. I will try to post pics. as soon as it is done.
  19. I am having issues with the paint for the scoop. I painted it flat black, and it looked lousy, so I repainted it gloss black. The gloss black reacted with the flat to make a nasty tar like substance, so now I have to let it dry, re sand the whole thing, and mount it tomorrow. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  20. You need to strip the old paint off with paint remover and then sand it then put sealer on it. Sounds like you mixed paint types.