I got a new Stang. What should I do with it?

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  1. Yeah, I did. I originally stripped the piece, then put on Rustoleum high heat black. It was supposed to be gloss, but came out flat. I went back and got the gloss black enamel Rustoleum, but I didn't strip the scoop again before I applied the new paint :stupid: . It took me three hours, a bottle of acetone, a bottle of paint thinner, and three face cloths to get the goop that resulted from the paints reacting off of the scoop. I stayed up until midnight repainting the scoop, and jsut mounted it about 20 mins ago. It looks good, but I think I might have it repainted by a prefessional when I have some more money. There are a few run marks, and I just think it could be made to look better. But I am happy with it. Not that I have an option, now that I have drilled 6 holes through my stock hood to mount the scoop. :p
    PS- Rustoleum says it's enamel dries to the touch in 15 mins... try more like 3 hours! :bang: :bang: :bang:
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  4. Glad you got her runnin nice. Did those headers make a noticable difference when you swapped them in? I think I read before you kept the stock H pipe. And I think we'd like to see some pics as well. :nice:
  5. Yeah, I got a nice difference when the headers went in. The sound got deeper, and the car pulled harder off the line and through the rpms. I finally got the scoop on and looking good, it makes my car look like an 80's version of the new Mach One, which is the direction I am going in. I was at a party for work tonight, and people were complimenting it left and right :D . I am not sure about putting on a black rear spoiler, though :shrug: . Right now the car is deep red, has the black scoop from an '82, black vinyl inserts in the "MUSTANG GT" molded on the rear valence and side skirts, chrome tail pipes that have molded the rear valence around them from the heat (looks really cool, like the newer stangs!), and pony rims. I think I might put a black pinstripe in the moulding that raps around the middle of the car. Many cars come with a stripe there, but mine didn't. I like the way the Mach 1 looks, very classic :hail2: , yet aggressive :mad: , and that is what my car is shaping up to be.
    PS- I won the auction for a brand new MAC cold air intake for my car for $ 80.00 and bought a set of MAC U/D pulleys to go with it for $60.00 brand new. I can't wait for them to come in.
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  10. Hehehe... I was under the car and realized it was missing a sway bar linkage. That might explain the wandering it does on the road... Got some new ones @ autozone, along with some FMS mechanics gloves (tired of busting my nuckles), a case of Castrol Syntec,an STP oil filter, and a bottle of Outlaw fuel injector cleaner.
  11. Did the oil change, and man was the stuff that came out of the car ugly :puke: ! Put on the new sway bar linkages, and that made a big difference in handling. I took a girl out in the Stang today, her first comment? " Boy, this thing really is loud, huh?" and I said " Well, I made it that way :D " I took it easy with her in it though. Didn't want to scare her off on the first date... :banana:
  12. Wow. This thread is fricking old LOL. God I remember when I got the car and posted this. Now it's an H/C/I'd demon. 10,000.00 into her in less than a year. Good grief. I can't believe I even found this. It's funny, I thought syntec and a CAI were big deals, now I'm talking cams and head porting. She grew up so fast *sobbing*.
  13. Well she grew with a purpose. Good luck and continue modding. I bet she's a beast. I heard the 87 was the fastest year produced as far as the fox bodies go.
  14. It was because of the speed density EEC. I'm now a MAF car, because it's needed to make the car run properly with all the mods I've done. Take a look at the link in my sig to see what she's become.
  15. Still got the 87 SD computer on a shelf?
  16. yes i do. it's in the shed.
  17. What do you want for it?
  18. I dunno. Make an offer.