I got Engaged!

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  1. Well i finally did it, As of tuesday i am an Engaged man. Erin and i have been going out for almost 7 years so i guess it was about time. We wont get married till she is out of school (~ 1 year) but i am happy to have finnally commited to her. I bought her a really pretty 3/4ct VS1 D colored round Diamond set in a white gold band. (most expensive thing i have ever purchased!) Im am broke now, But she is very happy, and best of all.... Now the only money eating project i have left is the Mustang. Bring on the mods!!

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    The diamond doesnt Photograph well, but its really very nice.

  2. Excellent news Doc, many Congrats and well wishes!

    I wish you a lifetime of years w/ the pretty lady. :nice:
  3. That's cool! I'm happy for both of you!

    Awww, isn't it so romantic... where's my Kleenex?
  4. Lol.. man you are a trip. Good luck. I hope you and your woman have a lovely life together and have many kids to spread on the "mustang" legacy. I too am on the verge of getting around to asking my lady to marry me. We've been together only a year and 3 months, but we go back to when I was 9 and she was 7. Im 18 now so yea. We've grown on eachother all these years, now Im just waiting for the perfect time to ask her...
  5. Good job, im right behind you ...i just need to find a girl to get ingaged with and we will be tied! :nice:
  6. hey man sorry to hear that..Don't worry things will get better.......:rlaugh:

    Kidding of course....congrats and I fear that day is coming for me too.
  7. Man, I'm glad I don't have a woman that I'd have to waste all that money on!

    (actually I wish I did have a woman but....whatcha gonna do)
  8. Now comes the lack of lovin' and " When are you going to stop spending money on that stupid thing" :rlaugh: .May be you got one that understands. Good Luck !
    P.S. think the ring was expensive, wait till you see how much the wedding is going to cost :D . Good Luck. Marriage is great, and kids are even better.
  9. Congrats!!!! Ancient Chineese Proverb: Only have 2 little ones. More than that u can not all fit in a Mustang. :spot:
  10. Congratulations are definitely in order here. I wish you many happy years.
  11. thanks guys, it felt really good to make her this happy, she is running around showing off her ring and making other girls feel jelous. I think its funny. As for her cutting me off, she wont cut me off from personal stuff or my projects. she is a car lover herself and actually helps me do work from time to time. I should have a pretty smooth time.

  12. One thing i have learned during marages one person hase to give up something and the other dosent...most the time the women go its eather me or the car and are you gonna get rid of your car? I sure as hell wont thats why I alwase say car first relationship second...
  13. Congrats...

    I've been dating mine for 4 years now...I don't even want to think that this time is coming for me...I can't even begin to picture myself married, not getting any, working all the time, not having any time for cars, being broke, etc. :rolleyes:
  14. its not all bad. Erin LOVES my Mg, she has told me i am never allowed to sell it so i dont have to worry about that. We are both pretty sensible with money so i dont see it being a problem. If anything i will have more time to do things because i wont have to dedicate time Just to her. Stinger, man.. you just gotta bit the bullet and do it when the time comes. It'll make her happy, and You happy. You know its gonna happen eventually. Neither of us are particularly interested in having kids so if it happens it happens, but we are going to enjoy our time without em as long as we can. There will be no "trying" for kids here.

  15. :nice:

  16. Hey, that sounds like me!
    Lord, please bless me with a wife!
  17. Hey Dr whens the batchelor party???
  18. Man, I'd like to give my g/f a ring like that...

    ...if I had a g/f. I'm with Red on this one. :(

  19. HaHa congrats man, and I love the Maxim in the background of the first picture.
    I've been with my girl for 3+ years (Im a freshman in college, she's a sophomore) and no marriage until we're both out of college, have jobs, and of course a new Mustang.
    She doesn't quite like the last stipulation, but I've had that dream since I was at least 10 ... so tough!
  20. Geesh, nice bleak picture there. Just don't let things get to be like that. Prior to marriage my wife and I had a month of studies w/ a Christian marriage couselor to make sure no bad habits or unreasonable assertions of either side crept into our marriage. I thought it was a stupid idea, but the minister that married us required it. It helped us to really get to know each other way better than we expected. We went in thinking we knew each other as well as any two people could. It didn't 'cause us any problems, but helped us foresee problems and fix them in advance.

    MB understands I'm gonna do my stuff, I'm gonna spend money on toys, if I need spare time or just anything, she better just let me do what I want as I'm gonna do it anyway, but it's nicer to ask and her say "I think you should". I extend the same "I think you should" everytime although she says that 10 times more often than I do. She doesn't play as much as me.

    Kids on the other hand you put them first in everything, they don't know any better. They love you so much you wouldn't have it any other way. And it's kinda hard to go out and work on the car when you've got two kids that are laughing hysterically and hugging all over you while you're wrestling them in the living room. The few times I've had to fix something and neglect them you're doing this number :mad: thinking of what you are missing. I alway's wait until they are in bed before I head out to the garage.