I got Engaged!

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  1. Good one 140...

    I know I made it sound pretty bleak, it's just that 9 times out of 10, that's the way it seems to go...especially to the ones that say it will never happen.

    I wouldn't exactly say mine likes my car hobby, nor that fact that I'm stingy with money (no erroneous spending...well, except cars maybe) but she's figuring out that I'm gonna do it no matter what she says...a few more years and I think I'll have her broke in :D She's been trying to change me for years...I keep telling her it's not gonna happen as what I'm doing isn't harmful to anyone (unless I crash at 140mph) ;)
  2. Dr Elusive Done Got Caught!!!

    Congrats man I will post the pics of my aftermath when I get the ring!!
  3. going for it too huh?? Good luck! :nice:


  4. she kinda looks like me in a way :flag:

    and congrats by the way :D
    and yes matt that time is coming for you as well :p nah i'm jk

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  5. me too, we're both human, have hair on our heads, have teeth, arms and legs/hands and feet, anglo-saxon...and I'm seated at a computer! :D
  6. hahaha very funny :D