I got it running!

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  1. Well, after changing the head gasket and other gaskets and so forth which I posted a while ago, I couldn't get it started. So today I went over and fooled with the timing a bit, and actually got it to start and run. I don't have a timing light, so its not exact. But Im going to take it to the shop tomorrow or Tuesday to get it right. But all else is over with. :D
  2. Yaaay! :banana:
  3. sweet! nice job....wasnt that hard now was it!(rhetorical~) you could always pick up a timing light for cheap (or barrow one) ...real simple to time, always a good thing to know how to do :)
  4. Yeah, I was thinking about going to pick one up. But for now I'll just take it up to the shop. It wasn't that hard, just did everything that needed to be done and put it back together. Its when it wouldnt start that I had to thinkg and look at everything again. Which was fun. :bang: But yeah. It runs, and is going to the shop Wednesday to get tuned.

    P.S. I was told that if I didnt bleed, it shouldnt run. Well, Ive bled, out of my arm from slamming it into a bolt breaking the torque on one of the head bolts to the money bleeding outta my pocket. But I love my car. Mustangs Forever. I'll do anything to keep it running. :flag:
  5. Hey now, I even bled because of your car.
  6. Great :banana:

    I tip my hat to the both of you on a job well done :cheers: I hope this fixed your problem and nothing but smooth rides ahead of you two. :nice:
  7. You two will be together for the rest of your lives now, you have no choice, you have spilt blood on the sacred altar of the stang....DO YOU RealizE what YoU have DONE??! :p

  8. Oooh crap!!!

    J/K :D