I Got Smoked

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  1. I was rolling with my buddy we see a srt-4 I look at the driver and he down sifted so i do the same 2nd at 45 we go and he lives me in dust. I talk to him he said he was stock I was like dam that's fast all i got was my car sounded good. This suck's! i need some parts. Any of you guy's lose to these to srt-4? some juice should do it i hope. :damnit:
  2. heh, no i don't loose to neons. :rlaugh:
  3. i should hope you don't lose to neons with 400+ hp! the neons are fast...i think they run high 13's stock.
    don't sweat it man there's always that ace in the hole called a supercharger :D
    keep in mind that any turbo car with a few hundred dollars of mods can really fly.
  4. Oh thats harsh! Get some gears and H/C/I kit, better yet get a turbo. eye for an eye.
  5. at least he wasn't a prick about winning... hate it when people are like that...
  6. I figured everyone knew about the SRT by now... It's not your everyday Neon. :nono:
  7. .....but its still a neon, no matter how fast it is :D
  8. ya those neone are quick, my friend has one and he gave me a ride in it and i was shocked to feel how much TQ that lil 4cyl could produce.. i cant wait to have my 5speed in and new rear-end
  9. look dude I don't know you mods. to you car so I can't suggest anything. As for SRT4's I laid one to rest about 2 months ago at a street light. He was cool dude just said man atleast I know I can hang with a mustang. So the next light he wanted to go again and I preceeded to go all out and put him three car lenghts behind me.
  10. Dont get nitrous, what are you going to do the next time your next to a neon and the bottle is empty?

    Get some bolt ons like Intake, Underdrive pullies, exhuast work, Heads, cam that kinda stuff.
  11. Srt 4's are 230 horse 250 tq stock. My buds Sti walks me pretty good but doesn't run off and hide and an srt4 won't fare as well. Maybe he outdrove you as well as having the slight power edge. But anything can happen on the street...
  12. This is so true. I'm always kicking Nik's a** in my Civic Si. So you really never know.
  13. :eek: That'd be the 3rd sign of the apocolypse
  14. STi's are fast as hell! I rode in a friends STi a couple of weeks ago. Basically brand new and couldnt get over how fast that car is, but o well I like my paid off cobra more than that expensive ass STi... Still a nice car though.
  15. No no... 4 cylinders dont make torque, turbo's do. ;)
  16. i hate them because theyre neons, but i have afreind whos got one and they are very quick, but its still a neon
  17. My sister and her husband have one- He works at a dodge dealership so he can easily do work on it whenever. I know that he has done a blow-off valve and CAI and who knows what else. I would like to think that my 95Cobra with 3.73's, Underdrives, CAI, Hpipe and Catback wouldn't be put to shame but who knows?
    My Dad likes their car because he is a "Mopar" person and hates mustangs. I would rather have my Cobra anyday-I can't stand that copper colored SRT turd. I think the blow-off valve sounds gay too!!
  18. You guys are still underestimating those things :nonono: a stock gt can not beat a stock srt-4 period (with equal drivers that is). You WILL need at least heads and traction plus gears. I raced one about 5 times back to back (all from a dead stod) out of the 5 I won once because he launched wrong. I could leave him at the line but one 3rd was reached he would walk right by me. Your just out guned right now you need more.
  19. I have lost to a couple but they were all from rolls I want to race one from a dig but I haven't had the opportunity and hopefully it will happen once I get the intake and gears installed. I think it will be a close run with the SRT-4 pulling up top.

    You have to respect those little skittles. They run high 13s low 14s at about 102 stock which is a pretty good trap speed, a lot more than a stock or couple bolt on 94-95 GT as much as I hate to say it. The turbo gives them the advantage at higher speeds. O well more mods! :banana:
  20. Theres a few around here that dyno mid 400s. They definitly are some quick little bastards, and cheap too. I like to call them skittles. To beat one (assuming you have a 5 speed coupe) you need to run high 13s consistantly. When I was runnning 13.8 - 13.9 I had , pulleys, midpipe, catback, gears, cobra manifold, HD cai, and nitto drags. Thats should be enough to beat them I would think.