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  1. Im not to worried about Neons/SRT-4's or what ever they are
  2. You don't need H/C/I to run with an SRT-4, you need H/C/I to walk on an SRT-4. A full exhaust and geared 5spd 94-95 with a good driver won't handle an SRT-4, but will run with an SRT-4. I don't think thats to bad considering our cars are 10 years old, N/A, and heavy.
  3. A little neon story for ya

    A while back, just after leaving work for the day coming off the express way onto the service rd while at the 1st stop light. A couple of young folks rolled up in a POS neon (not SRT) fart can exhust, tinted windows with stickers etc. Big loud sub woofer just going boom boom boom, and there little bobble heads just a bouncing up & down. I couldn't resist, I just started to laugh. So the little fart can rev's it up, revs it up again! The light turns green and he gets smoked! Next light alls quite with the little POS neon, I put down my window and state hows it feel to get your doors blown off by a mini van! Thats right guys I was driving the family funster! Ok so my family funster is a 240 HP V6 Honda Odyssey, it was still funny to see the shamed look on his face. Keep in mind I'm not a street racer, and don't agree with it, but darn it was hard to keep a straight face during this brief exchange.
  4. Chalk another one up to the Griswold Family Truckster!!! Nice funny kill, I guess...
  5. MMMM....Skittles, taste the rainbow.
  6. :lol: so true... :( im still saddened by that loss.. and im not gonna stop modding untill i can beat him. even tho hes already done a bunch of stuff to his car since then (stage 1 ECU, injectors, intake (cai), and some boost controller)
  7. you have your work ahead of you. good luck
  8. STi? My buddy has a 2005 STi. Real nice car. We've raced four times, twice from a roll on the street, and twice at the track.

    As it stands, it's Mustang 4, STi 0. ;)
  9. I dont know how big a shot your running there, but that guy in the STi must be the worlds worst driver. Bone stock STi's can beat 03-04 cobra's. On the road and at the track!

    Tell your buddy with that STi to go get himself a blow off valve and a boost controler and he would walk all over you. I'm not dissing you or anything, but those are some bad ass cars.
  10. Don't know about all that bro...now way in hell this stock car is going to take an 03-04 Cobra in a 1/4 mile race, stock to stock, equal drivers.

    If he drove his car PERFECTLY I'd bet he could nail a 13.40-13.50 at my track. Perhaps at sea level he could nail the 13.20 the mags test his car too. But he's definitely NOT going to drive it to stock 12s, the way the FI 4.6 Cobras run.

    As far as the boost controller- no, he can't do this without a pretty expensive reflash. The STi's stock injectors as they sit are at 97-99% duty cycle right from the factory. MBC on these cars without increased fuel pump and injector voltage= really ****ing lean which= blown motor.

    To get more boost from them, the only affordable, viable option is a $1500 ECU reflash from Vishnu, Cobb, or one of the other big tuners. He's considering doing this. The Vishnu "Stage One" tuning package is supposed to be good for mid-low 12s at sea level.

    I like his car too, but my car's got more in it. We've raced four times, as I said. Twice I ran him on the street, from a 20 and a 30mph roll, on a 75 shot. I walked him hard the first time from 30-100 and beat him by a car lenght the second time from 20-120. At the track, I beat him pretty good on a 100 shot (though we both ****ed up the run) and beat him even better on a 125 shot.

    This video is from the passenger seat of the STi for our final run at the track. Dude cut a 1.8 60' while I spun em up with a 2.16. I simply outpower and pass him. I ran a 13.42 to his 13.90. If I wouldn't have spun em up, I could've run 13.12 here....


    The STi is a hell of a car, no doubt, but it's not the be-all end-all of performance vehicles.
  11. Futhermore...

    As I said earlier, an MBC and blow off valve are not viable options for him as he wants to keep his engine for awhile.

    If he were to go with the Cobb or Vishnu package, keep in mind that I could (and plan to next year) do heads/cam/intake and still beat him handily on the spray.
  12. My friend ran a 13.0 but that was in bowling green ky(93 oct.1/4 tank, iced intake between runs 62*). And your buddy would not need to get injectors. Alot of heavy modded STi's are still running stock injectors , some may have screens removed but all the ones i've seen in person have stock injectors. I think there's only one or two company's that make aftermarket injectors for them. He'd probably just need another intercooler and bigger heat exchange with the bigger fuel rails.

    As for the boost control and valve he WOULD NOT need a reflash for that as long as he doesnt turn the boost up too radical with a manual valve. My friend is in a club here in Nashville and a guy has an 04 STi with a MANUAL boost control valve and a blow off valve with no computer work done and has had real good sucsess with it(hard on it at the track).

    ''be-all end-all of performance vehicles'' I never said that, and mabey the guy's STi I saw run against an 03 cobra wasnt stock, like he told me? :shrug: I do know that they can be very fast with little modds.

    Again man not bashing you. Just trying to say that with a GOOD driver against a BAD one it can be done. :flag:
  13. O yeah the video didnt work for me either, can you re-post it?
  14. The video link definitely works. I just tried it again.

    He will need more voltage to his fuel pump. He will need a reflash or new injectors. These are things that he's learned from NASIOC and from talking to the big tuners himself.

    The injectors are at 97-99% duty cycle. The only way to get more out of them is A. A reflash, or B. New injectors.

    He doesn't NEED new injectors, he needs a way to get more fuel into the motor if he wants to up the boost. Be that new injectors or a reflash.

    Tell you what, if you want to talk to him, visit my site. He posts as "Marion Cobretti". Here's the thread we put up after coming back from the track. It was both of our first times out, and we both ****ed up a few times (I bounced the rev limiter hard on one run, lit my tires up on one, and didn't arm my nitrous until second gear on another):


    Again, the STi is a hell of a car, but it does not beat 03-04 Cobras stock to stock. The 03-04 Cobras can and do run well into the 12s right from the factory. The STi does not.
  15. Thats cool man, but for some reason the video didnt work for me? It says real player cant play? :nonono:

    As far as that whole STi cobra thing goes i've seen an 05 STi run a 13.012 @102 to the 03 cobra's 13.106 @109? Could be the STi's great 60' times or the cobra driver just wasnt experienced enough. I'm Not saying every STi's faster than a cobra :rlaugh: . Just trying to say that with a good driver they will move.

    I dont care to talk to your buddy or his big wig tunners or to talk about this in general, i've seen it done without a tune and thats all I was trying to say. :nice:
  16. When I play the video, I use Windows Media Player. It's worked for lots of folks on this and on other forums. Try WMP and see if it works with that.
  17. Do i right click click and save as? Then open under WM?

    Thanks for the help.
  18. You shouldn't have to do that. What operating system are you using? Just clicking the link should open the video for you.

    Since that isn't working, try this: Open Windows Media Player. Go to the file menu. Click on "Open URL". You will then be prompted for a URL. Copy and paste the address for the video from this thread into the prompt box. Click "OK". The video should DEFINITELY work if you're using Windows 98 or newer at this point.