I gotta' throttle body!

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  1. Check it out! It installed in about 10 minutes and does not require a re-flash. 8.5 horsepower and 9 foot pounds of torque at the wheels. Great pedal feel and improved response.

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  2. You did not have to retune your programer. Who is the manufacturer of it?
  3. I absolutely did not have to re-flash the ECU. I got it at Central Coast Motorsports in California.
  4. Did you do before and after dyno pulls?
  5. Yes I did, but the file is too large for me to post here. I can e-mail it to you if you like. What is your e-mail address?
  6. The only aftermarket throttle body I've seen so far is the one made by BBK, but they keep delaying the launch. This one came form an aftermarket dealer, but who is the manufacturer? That's the part I'm really curious to hear! Is it a dual 62mm like the BBK, or some other measurement? And the most pressing question on most people's mind...

    What was the cost?

    Thanks for posting this, it's something I've been curious about.
  7. This is a dual 60mm. The normal retail is $549 as far as I know. I didn't pay that because I know the owners. The company I got it from has been doing business since 1986 and has been doing billet throttle bodies for all types of cars for 6 years. The BBK will be a cast piece and doesn't quite have the asthetic appeal of a billet piece. I'm sure it will be nice though. This one is available now and is well worth the price. I'm not sure if I can give out the phone number on this Forum since they are not a supporting party but if someone could shed light on that for me, i'd be happy to put the info out there. By the way; all of their throttle bodies come with a dyno sheet and tools for the install.
  8. I have goggle searched everything on Throttle bodies the only make I can find is BBK I was told they would not be released till Oct. If there is a maker who is it? I think you can't mention suppliers not manufactures.
  9. Forgive me but I'm not sure what you're saying. Can I give info about the company I got it from or not? The yare a great company and will stand behind their product.
  10. looks to me like this is an exercise in marketing.

    nice TB though.

  11. I agree you can't get a straight answer out of this guy.So I give up. :notnice:
  12. Again. I just don't want to break any forum rules. Can I say the company's name or not? Don't hate on me because I'm trying to do the right thing. If you don't know the answer, keep your comments to yourself and let someone who knows give me the answer. The company I got it from is not a supporting vendor and last time I checked, it is a foul to push their products if they are not. If you can't deal with my concern, don't respond at all.
  13. you can tell who makes the part but not where you bought it from unless they are the same company.
  14. Retarded rules.

    Hey, my grandmother from "Geriatric Racing" tools up intakes for the '05. Phone# 1-800 Walkers. She gonna be sued now?

    /me readying for 3 pages worth of legal mumbo jumbo explaining forum rules and how i'm a troll.
  15. Just post the info. If it's not allowed they'll let you know and remove it if they have to.
  16. I got it from Central Coast Motorsports in California. 661-823-2400. And I wasn't concerned about being sued. Just concerned about pissing off a moderator. I hope your grandmother's intakes really take off.
  17. Add one more customer to the list. I'm really tired of BBK's delays - a quick phone call to Central Coast Motorsports and I should have an actual (that's real, not promise-ware) product tomorrow - anodized blue, too. Awesome timing, as my car goes to the shop Saturday to get long tubes, h-pipe, charge motion plates, motor mounts, 4.10 gears, custom tune, and now throttle body installed, although if the TB gets here tomorrow I'll slap it in myself tomorrow evening.

    Thanks for the info, MAGNUMAN! I'll post up my impressions when it gets here.
  18. Wouldn't a tuner fix the same problem?
  19. What problem?
  20. One of the problems being slow throttle response..but the bigger TB fixed that for sure! in the process added about 10 hp to the flywheel on a stock car. think of the gains on a modded car or supercharged car! I think these TB's are going to take off. dude wait till you see the quality..i saw the blue ones when i was at their shop...I got mine before the color's came in(ie blue and black) bluue...drooool! post pics when you get it friday!