I gotta' throttle body!

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  1. Ahh, that problem. The tune I loaded when I installed my CAI did away with most of the throttle lag, but there's still a little there, can't wait to feel the diff with the bigger TB. I'll definitely post pics.
  2. Can you post a dyno sheet. It's just that you've mentioned on another forum that it gives you 8.5hp and here you mentioned 10hp. Not attacking you, it's just that proof is in the pudding. :nice:
  3. I can't see not needing a tune for this. Adding a larger TB puts more air into the intake which is going to need to be adjusted for by the ECU. Just like when you change to a CAI you need a tune cause you're adding more airflow that needs to be accounted for.

    If you get a net gain of 8 or so HP with no tune, what do you get with a tune? How would this work with a CAI like Steeda or C&L?
  4. If youll notice, i said 10 hp at the fly wheel...totally differnt than wheel hp.
    I'm sure it would make more power with a tune, but i havnt gotten that far yet. I've driven the car for over a week and no cel. runs great!
  5. What's your before and after A/F ratio?
  6. the a/f was not measured on the runs. The dyno sheet was posted on the corral.net...for some reason i cant get it posted here.
  7. Just got my TB. I'm at work, so pics'll have to wait until I get home, but all I can say from first opening the box and removing the bubble wrap is $%@! it looks sweet! Looks like a really high quality piece and I can't wait to get home to install it.

    It came with instructions and a dyno graph printout that shows max gains of 8.5 hp and 8.0 lb/ft TQ.

    Pics to follow.
  8. OK, pics will have to wait until morning (actually tomorrow afternoon). When I got home tonight, I got busy installing, and I haven't had time to get pics because I ran into an issue.

    First off, I'd like to ****slap the moron at Ford who thought it would be a good idea to use locktite on all 7 of the tiny little torx head (T20) bolts that hold the TPS and throttle motor to the TB. No way they were coming off until I pulled out the vise grips and used kung fu grip with them. It's a wonder I didn't break any of them off (and a good thing I have both large and small vise grips), because I had to put some serious torque on those little mofos to get them unscrewed. They've got an inch of threads and it was slow all the way.

    Install was pretty straightforward once I got everything apart, but the instructions don't bother to say what size anything is - they also don't mention the need for the torx driver, so I'm glad I already had one. They are very vague with instructions on how to put spring tension on the throttle return spring. This ended up being a contributing cause of my issue.

    Towards the end of my test drive, the car went into failsafe mode and would run, but only at idle. That turned a big smile upside down. I idled into a parking lot and walked home for tools after pulling the codes with my Predator and finding, as I suspected, TPS faults that would not stay gone when cleared. Unable to get the car out of limp mode, I drove home at 5 mph in 2nd gear (1st would only give me 4 mph) because that's as fast as I could get her to go.

    After an almost complete reinstall of the stocker, I found I still couldn't get the butterflies to close on their own, which is bad, because I need to be in Pasadena 8 hours from now to meet up with a friend who's going to follow me to Anaheim and give me a ride home after I drop off the car to have other stuff done.

    Turns out that a torx driver works better at getting some spring tension on the throttle return spring than the snazzy little cylindrical tool the vendor provided. Without enough preload on the spring, the throttle won't close completely and you go limp (I hate it when that happens). Having figured this out, I put the new TB back in with proper spring tension and cleared the codes, which have not recurred.

    I am really happy with the way the car responds now - the delay in throttle response is totally gone, which is very, very nice. Butt dyno says there is more power, but we all know we can't trust the butt dyno and I'm sure most of that is just due to the car feeling more lively with the better throttle response. Either way, I'm quite satisfied with my purchase, and with the fast, friendly service I received from Central Coast Motorsports.
  9. with all those problems, i thought for sure that you were gonna say it was junk. then i read down and its all good. i am glad that it was a simple problem, but i hope that the instructions are revised for future customers. did you talk to CCM and discuss the poor instructions? by the way, congrats on the purchase....
  10. Thanks, bigcat. Haven't had time to talk to CCM yet, since I just installed it late last night and I would expect them to be closed on weekends (Saturday now). Definitely nothing wrong with the product itself, it's the same procedure to load the spring for the stocker.

    Here are a couple of pics from this morning before I dropped her off at the shop:

  11. that does look sweet. now if you had a blue CAI or filter, it would look even better.....what does it cost someone who doesn't know the owner of CCM?
  12. That is a blue CAI filter lol, it just doesn't show very blue from the angle I took the pic from.

    Not knowing the owner of CCM, I got it for the introductory price of...give 'em a call and ask - their number is (661)-823-2400. I'm not sure I should post it.
  13. Dude! that thing looks awsome! have you noticed any bad tendencies? looks like a sweet piece!
  14. Haven't noticed any bad tendencies, but the car is currently at the shop becoming faster.
  15. thats cool, when will your car be done?
  16. So this part is Central Motorsport's?

    The only companies that are making a throttle-body (that I know of) are MMR and BBK.
  17. apparently central coast mustang beat them all to it! i dont see any bbk's around here....
  18. Not sure yet - I just dropped it off Saturday and there's a lot of work to do on it.
  19. $549 for 8 horsepower, what a deal.