I guess I'm stupid

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  1. My gauges started shorting out yesterday, so today I pull the a-pillar off and re-wire a lot of it. The connections had come loose, never let a buddy do your electrical wiring) and decided to put those little green covers on the lightbulbs to make the gauges match the instrument cluster. Apparently I only put one on, because my oil pressure gauge is still white. :bang: Am I just so incompetent so as to only put one freaking cover on while I have everything pulled apart? I know they're just covers but still. And to top it off, I LOST THE OTHER F***IN COVER!!! :fuss: These freaking gauges are a PITA. Nobody here would happen to have a spare green bulb cover for some autometer gauges would they?
  2. You check out AZ or any parts places??? Most places that sell AM gages will carry those...I have seen em around before...
    If you you come up blank... I pretty sure i have some extra's...
  3. Really? Sweet, I'll check them out tomorrow. It looks retarded having two different colored gauges. :nonono:
  4. I checked Autozone, Advanced Auto, and O'Reilly's, none had them. I got a part # from autometer, and the company my store orders from has them. Getting a 3-pack green here tomorrow for $2.24 shipped. :banana:
  5. Good deal.... :nice: