I Hate My ****ing Car

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  1. This goes to the oppsite of the "I love my car thread"

    As the title says I hate my ****ing car. The damn thing has more problems then my old ass Toyota had. I never get to drive it for more then 2 weeks cause something else gets ****ed up on that piece of ****. I'm about to take a sledge hammer to it and just beat the piss out of it

    Anybody else feel this way about their car?
  2. Well it is getting old so you have to take that into account. How do you drive it? Do you take it easy or do you bang the gears out every time you get in it?
  3. its a Mustang I beat it. When it runs it runs great, it runds great now but with the spindle bening bent i decided to do a lot to the suspension. And them damn stock upper control arm axle bushings are a ****ing pain in the ass. I made my own bushing removal tool and the damn rod broke and my hand sliped and i got cut. all this little bs stuff pisses me off. And the spindle that wasn't even me it was liek that when i bought the damn car
  4. did you buy your car used? maybe the previous owner neglected it and now you have to deal with the problems. Maybe you car is a lemon...mine has no problems at all with over 100k
  5. Your car is relatively stock, im surprised you have any problems. When my old 95 had just bolt ons i would beat the bag outa it and only had two problems. One a bad dizzy and two, diff wore out, but that was expected.

    If your hating the car this much already, DONT stick a sc on it, dont do heads and cam or anything like that. Once u get into the real mods u will wanna pull ur hair out lol
  6. no i love my car

  7. it pisses me off then it runs good then i love it again. I just wish i could drive it all summer instead of having to work on it durning the summer
  8. well that's what happens when you buy a ford. I did'int buy my mustang for it's quality cause there is none. It's good for one thing going fast in a straight line. I just got my self a daliy driver so i dont have to worry about dying in traffic. dont flame me for this.
  9. no real probs here. I really like my car it runs pretty good
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  11. do you ever have anything useful to say. Or do you know anything about cars what so ever. Every post I see from you, you say the dumbest crap. So go away troll.

  12. I don't worry about it cause of a DD I have my truck. But my truck if for the winter and my car is suppose to be for the summer except when it rains cause it sucks in the rain. My temper probably don't help either i have a very bad temper and i get pissed real easy

  13. Well i know your just a stupid a$$ That does not pay attention I always post in talk most of the time you are one thouse cocky guy's that only know's about mustang's and nothing else. I speak the truth about car's most of you people dont like it tuff deal with it iam here to stay somebody need's to step up.Anyway isint this thread about I hate my f****** car so what are you doing in here. Go shot your self u punk die you troll :nono:
  14. This was the original Question. That is why I am in here.

    Yes I know you post in talk most of the time. That is why your post count is 3. The main reason you post in talk is because you can't help anyone out in tech.
    Your right you do speak the truth. You are so smart. I bet you can't even figure out how to pop your own hood so you can even work on your car.

    How am I a troll? Mr. three post in tech, but yet I speak the truth because I am so smart. The fact is I love my car and I have never had any major trouble with it. It has 112k of hard driven miles on it. So I would think that is a quality motor. Wouldn't you say?
    Yeah I am really going to go shoot myself over this. OH my, a ****ing idiot on the internet pissed me off so I am going to go shoot myself.

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  15. 18yr old kid..i bet...gotta love the stangnet drama.

    Mustangs are good for one thing..staight line....everyone that drives theirs daily..sell it because the GHOD is here and said so.
  16. I'm John Force b i t c h
  17. Dont hate on the youngins in here.
  18. i'm not tryin to start more drama, but there are alot of us(yes me) who could care less about straight line performance, and if you think thats all they are good for go out to the silver state classic and see how many mustangs run in the unlimited class. that is the beauty of a mustang, you can do anything you want to it because of the vast array of aftermarket support for it. imo if i thought my car had no quality i would not continue to own it.