I Hate My ****ing Car

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  1. I saiddddd back den hoes didnt want me...now i got a Maxima I'm HOT hoes all on me
  2. Yes i am Mr.3k post..aka John Force...u best bow before u get dealt with

  3. cant get thoues hoes off me must be the car or cause iam mike jones
  4. haha, no comment to that, you made yourself look even stupider their bud.

    He really is mike jones, like i'm john force.

    Wanna race lil jigga?
  5. Go on "N" brush ya shoulder off DAWG
  6. Dat boyyyyeeee doin his thangggggg

  7. Ok i was bored....was j/k...hehe

    I hate/love my car at times also
  8. I had a 10 sec maxima, it had a 14 scoop carbon fiber (fake) hood, carbon fiber doors (fake), carbon fiber windsheild (fake), and 27" chrome rimz. Engine was stock, and the tranny only had 3rd gear, but WOW the interior was so amazing, it never broke, and it felt WAY more sturdy than my rustang. Damn do i miss that car...
  9. lemme know if you need help :crazy:
  10. please leave dee before all these horny crazy middle aged (RC) guys start wanting nuddie pics of you. :D
  11. dont forget about Vib :rlaugh:
    he keeps PM'ing me asking for my senior picture...i just tell him i ran out :rolleyes:

  12. haha and paul :lol:

  13. What the hell :shrug:

  14. i think its the fact you came in here all "mustangs suck and you should drive an import etc......"

    i think if we knew more about you and/or what you drive and if you kept your defenderism (if thats a word) to a more calmer state everything would be fine.

  15. First i never said mustang's suck I love my mustang. second I never said you should drive a import. all i said was the car's quality is'int that good interior ect... The is mustang is a good muscle car I dont think the year's we have are that reliable I was just agreeing with the guy that started this thread. now as far as the maxima well that's where it all began for my interest in car's. And just think the maxima I had was A dam good car does'int mean am big headed ricer I just like the over all quality on the maxima over my 5.0
    My point of view differ's with people that's fine that's what makes thing's in life interesting.
  16. see quality is a loaded word, you could say that the interior had better materials in it. or that the interior was more quiet, or that the car drove more smoothly on the highway. quality means something diff to everyone as not everyone is not concerned about the same things, for instance i could care less how well the dash fits cuz i know that is not important to the way the vehicle takes a corner and then accelerates out of it. i worked in a chevy/nissan dealer and saw a few t-chains get replaced on maximas and can say that the setup was less than quality as compared to a 4.6 ford. oh yeah i'm 28 and don't really undersand what you are trying to say most of the time, cut down on the slang a little and you won't get flamed so bad in here.

  17. Since when is oppinion considered truth???

    Dumb ass .......... :spot:

  18. Did you get your GED out of a cerial box?
  19. Not to be racist but I hate my car cause it's black. I also hate that it's slow. That's why I'm hoping to soon do the 95 Cobra Delete/Silver 03/04 Mod.