I Hate My ****ing Car

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  1. i dont think anybody bought mustangs for their level of refinement
  2. sell it then. otherwise fix it and be quiet
  3. My car goes both ways, it can make me the happiest guy in the world when everything's running well, but when something breaks, I snap! My girlfriend and friends have actually come to realize this and leave me alone about it, because really, when I say SNAP, I mean SNAP! I lose it...I've freaked out and thrown stuff all over the driveway before because something wasn't running right....

    however, I'm the same guy to tell my car that I love it, and rub the dashboard in appreciation after it's done something wonderful for me. I think it's starting to become a problem.

    5.0this - you drink your own pee.
  4. Did every one forget what this thread is about. I guess nobody pay's attention to the topic at hand. Enjoy your mustang's cause it's best car ever! is that you want you retard's you guy's make me want to drive my car through a F****** wall and burn it.Befor i got my car i allway's said mustang ower's act all cocky and bad they think there s**** dont stink!! I try to keep real with everyone. Didint i say dont flame me in the beging!! This thread is done.
  5. congratulations 5.0this on your 4rth post. A few hundred more and maybe people will take you seriously in here :nice:

  6. LOL your car goes both ways? Yeah I'm the same way driving down the road feeling the power of it i'm like god i love my car then it breaks i'm like i hate you and throw ****.

    Hey i'm only 22 and i wanna see pics of Dee :nice:
  7. Dee: Checked out some of your other post your car is Hot
  8. I love my car. Runs great, never had a problem.

    My old 95 GT, near 90k miles, replaced the harmonic balancer and thats it. Drove the hell out of it.
  9. I have my day's with my car
  10. my car is slow, other than that i love it, no problems, everything is sound and sturdy. I like the interior/exterior, design, everything. Just wish my rear wheels were even with the car

  11. FYI......... I just farted and it didn't smell that good.

  12. LOL I have that same problem must be a stang owner thing :lol:
  13. Dont you guy's ever stop? The guy made his point a ton of time's already get over it god!!
  14. C'mon man, let the boys flame in peace :D
  15. :rlaugh: Oh geez im speechless. :rlaugh: Where's crunked? :rlaugh:
  16. Mustangs are great just mine sucks lol when i'm done fixing it it should be a great car
  17. we allz wielin out like at a jay-z concert son
    word out dan out like a thief in the night


    P.S.what with import guys pulling time out their a$$
    uh my civic runs 4s yeah thats it
    i give it to some import if there fast thier fast good job I JUST THINK THE WHOLE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE THING IS DUMB AS H#LL
  18. o yea i got 8 post but i have a reason i been in boot camp and nemorous other training i plan to be a active helper in tech
    mech for 4 years i know good amount and like to help other stang guys out
    if any question fel free to pm and i will see if i can help
    later dan
  19. my civic runs 4.13 on stock everything. 1/4 BTW. :shrug:
  20. Well i have problems with my car and the way i look at it is, It isn't the car's fault that it has problems. In my case the previous owner did not maintain the car properly or any modifications made to it were not done properly. A car thats 10 years old isn't going to run perfectly BUT, if you really do love the car as i do mine, you will have patience with it and sort of take it under your wing. Take care of individual issues one at a time and when you make repairs or mod's, do them right the first time. Dont half ass anything. If you concentrate on certain issues ONE at a time, each specific problem will recieve the proper amount of attention and each task will be completed isntead of overwhelming yourself with the many problems with an aging car. Dont overwhelm yourself with everything that you want done to your car..We all have a vision of how we want our car when its all finished but 98% of us do not have the funds or time to just restore a whole car in a limited amount of time. So set one goal at a time. Completing things one at a time is still better than overwhelming yourself and not completing anything, becoming frustrated and gradually losing respect for the vehicle. Hang in there buddy, a Mustang is still one of the best cars out there, and nothing else out there feels like our year model. In then end when its all finished, it will be an amazing feeling. :flag: