1. While it may be pretty and everything... Mustangs just don't handle well in any kind of snow. I had serious issues getting my car out on to the road this morning in only maybe an in and a half. And when I got it out I think I skidded the whole way... which was scary. And while it was falling last night, my back end spun out and I wound up on a curb. I really had no control over the car what so ever... Other than putting some weight in the trunk and I guess starting out in second gear (my dad told me to do that.. :p) does anyone have any pointers in how to handle a mustang in the snow? Hopefully inexpensive, too... Thanks!
  2. Normally I would be in the same boat(read last year) But this past summer I put about 200 pounds of stereo equipment in my trunk and that helped BIG time this year. So go get some subs some amps and a fiberglass box put in.

    No really the weight should help big time. and second gear also is very good for traction and response( you have an automatic right?)
  3. nah, its a manual
  4. That is why you need a winter beater. F-150 4x4 is my choice. :nice:
  5. You think snow is bad, we got nothing but freezing rain here. Thats not snow on the ground its all ice. It makes it real fun trying to drive around in this crap. But it also has its pluses, like I am out of school today. :D
  6. we got like an inch of ice here, and a few inches of snow today. Good thing i have my ranger running!
  7. Yeah...pushing your car out this morning was fun...Turtle, get some better wheels dammit. Or just, learn to drive...lol. I got out fine this morning and ran down to my old school and did Donuts, Mwahahahaha

  8. Yeah, im in the same storm you are :p I'm in norfolk, va
  9. Yeah, thanks for helping... heh.

    And I have NEW wheels, I think they were bought like... not 6 months ago. YOURE the one whose losing tread. :p donuts are fun, but only if you're in a parking lot - not when you're watching someone do them on the expressway right in front of you. :p
  10. It doesn't look bad at all!
    I went to school today. :shrug:
  11. hey guys, whats all that white stuff? :p
  12. :notnice: :notnice:
    When was the last time you guys got snow out there?
  13. Hey snow melts, earthquakes do not. At least Arnold is not out Governor :p
  14. snow, in riverside? local mountains have abit (enough to play in). Dont talk bad about arnold! my govenor can beat your govenor up!. :D Earthquakes arent all they are cracked up to be....;)
  15. I grew up in Chicago, and when we got snow there, well, it was just like any other day. Nothing closed down. We could get two feet of snow and I'd still have to walk my butt to school. But here, I've learned that they're not really prepared for it. It doesn't snow that often, so they have no reason to be. But because they're not prepared it makes it that much harder to drive.

  16. :nonono: :lock: :flag:
  17. At least we're not getting ready to fall off into the ocean :p
  18. Eh, we don't need 'em anyway. :flag:
  19. You guys are on here talking about 1" of snow???? 1"??:shrug:thats not even snow, thats what we call a "dusting"!! We have 14" on the ground from yesterdays storm combined with last weeks, and were getting more tomorrow and friday. I've been doing powerslides and doughnuts all day in the parkinglot across from my house. God Bless the Midwest :flag:
  20. No kidding we got 7-10"'s of snow here, and the worst part is that it's drifting like a mofo! I hate indiana, specially this time of year!