1. Yup...snow is the reason my car is parked in a parking lot 1 mile from home while I am here.

    I'm waiting for the streets to become bare enough to attempt to drive it home.

    It's not traction that's the issue..it's stopping and turning. Scary feeling turning the wheel and seeing the car continue to go straight
  2. the snow and ice here is rediculous

    but my car still runs through it just fine, not a problem in the world...when the snow hits, I just put my stock rims on with some snow tires, 2 40lb bags of playsand right behind the back seat, and im ready to go.

    we have like 2" solid ice and maybe 3-4 inches of snow on top of that on my driveway, and my car moves right along it no problem.
  3. You don't have wide performance tires with huge tread blocks though. :p
    Seriously, it is impossible for me to get around in the snow with these tires (245-50 kuhmo 711's). We get an inch, and I am stranded. they sink into the snow, and I can't get enough traction to push the car back up the sinkhole it just made.... even with 200+lbs at the very back of the car.
    That is where I whip out my 2 studded snow tires and slap them on the back. with those, I can get around GREAT.
  4. :bs: man, i feel ya on the cold weather thing, :nice: i mean it's winter, but this is absolutely awful... :fuss: :nonono: just this morning i went outside in my boxers and a t-shirt to give my dog some water and a little food.... :spot: i nearly froze my a-- off!!!!! :mad: it was nearly 45 degrees outside... welcome to florida :rlaugh: :banana: :OT:

  5. Yup, 255's don't do much to help in the snow.

    I have the Kumho Supra 712's and they are terrible in the snow. We only had 1inch but if you turn the steering wheel the car just slides forward. I had to CREEP down this hill because any brake pressure just locked up the wheels and i would slide. 13" front brakes don't help. It's like hitting the brake pedal is if you are stepping on it with an egg under your shoe. Even with a heavy 5.0 up front the wheels just had ZERO traction

    When i drive..i basically can't stop. I just do rolling stops or creep along as slow as possible. Also thank god for 3.73's. I only need to be doing 20MPH for the car to shift into OD. When it does..i'm basically at idle...900-1000RPM perfect for keeping spinning under control.

    But last night i had to stop at a sign facing up a hill. What a battle it was to get moving again.
  6. Best money I ever spent for my 80 Mustang was a set of All Weather HR rated tires. Add about 80 lbs to the rear and I never got stuck or had any problems.

    All Weather tires are made of more elastic material that still mantains pliability and grip in the cold and snow. Normal HR tires get stiff and inflexible in the cold and dont grip as well.

    If you live in the warm stuff you probably dont need that but us snowbirds do.

    And yes All Season HR tires cost more.
  7. haha i laugh at you, we have freezing rain on the base, then we have about 4 inches of snow, some more freezing rain, and about a foot of snow on top of that, we are in the middle of a blizzard right now, I think everyone in my province has at least one truck/suv/awd car. Im goin through this with a rwd truck, a Z34 or a 2.3 Mustang, the mustang's the only car with decent tires... In the Z (standard) i start out in THIRD and still spin the tires... I gave up and have fun watchin the speedometer bouncing at 180... gettin teh tires spinnin at about 200km/h. You think its hard controlling the back end of RWD??? try a long fwd car with weight in the very back so the tail just swings around everywhere. At least you can control the back in a RWD car, i have no problems in the truck or stang, but the Z is all over the road. FWD doesn't get stuck as easy, but RWD corners and handles a million times better (if u kno what your doing).

    And as a side note: Building another Pro-4 race car with the dad, except this ones mine, and it will be the lightest and fastest so far and ill be racing it in the summer :D
  8. 35 years old and I've never seen snow and I don't think I'm missing anything. :shrug:
  9. Man, I dont know how you guys live up there. I've never even seen snow before. :shrug: I complain when its live 60* and its raining (like today).

    Good luck on that stuff.

    Be safe

  10. NEVER seen snow?! Holy crap.

    I grew up in Chicago and every january it would snow like... a foot. A couple of years ago we had almost 3 feet in one day. it was insane. Its always fun for the first day but then you realize you gotta shovel and **** and thats hard work if theres a lot of it. and of course once the cars drive on it... it gets dirty and ugly :p
  11. I was gonna go check out a 2.3T sandrail for a guy on GlockTalk today, but the damn snow has foiled my plans. I detest snow - it's dirty and slick and wet and cold and it makes people drive like even worse idiots than normal. :mad:

  12. Come on guys, try living in Canada! :p 6 months of the year I get to deal with this crap. It's been blizzarding for like 4 days, and it was -58 Celsius with the windchill last week. :mad: My car has been snowed into the garage by a 5 foot drift for the last two days....and even if I wanted to drive, most of the roads still have like 2 feet of snow on them, and if they are plowed it's all ice. GRRR!!! Winter is the bane of my existance. :(
  13. So why don't you come visit us down in Florida?
    You should come down for the Gator Nationals!
  14. eeehhh was pretty bad here too pretty much ice. Wish my 2.3 was running it does great in the snow. Those firehawk GTA 02's work nicely (215/60/15's)
    However my camaro is horrible in this crap!

    this is how things look here..... inch of ice inch of snow and 6-12 inches of snow coming!! [​IMG] try it in a camaro even my 5 spd gt was better in the snow than my camaro!!!
  15. I come from the winter Kingdom of Michigan where the snow drift can steal a car from the road. Many times I was driving on the "white surface" for a while when it gave way just so you have realized that the ditch isnt 5 ft away you have been driving over it in a thick sheet of ice and finally found the weak point. scary thing is that when this happens usually you are following someone that was driving in the same "lane" as you are. Northern winters are a ***** and we all have had our happenings with driving conditions.

    Now that I have become a transplant to KY the weather on its worst day is a flurry from what I have been used to BUT the people from here think its a Blizzard and drive like there on a different planet in it. MAX speed 25 and don't get me started on the road commission here.

    Man I remember the sight of following a couple of road commission trucks back in MI 3 lanes wide 70 mph on the expressway and there just plowing EVERYTHING in their path, sparks snow and ice flying, mmmmmmmmm the thoughts of winter back home :( :worship:
  16. they used to say that about Minnesota when we had jesse ventura for our govenor.(old wwf wrestler).

    but yeah I'm so happy the cold weather just broke today, it's now like 7* out.
    last week it was -20* with like a -35* wind chill. its hot out now. :nice:
  17. My brother and I were going to go jetskiing today but he broke his foot mountainbiking :notnice: .( yes I know we don't have mountains) It's currently 75* here.
  18. its -21 with -27 windchill and thats the warmest it's been in weeks, im going snowboarding today... its good, i got 30 seconds before my skin starts freezing :D

    I haven't driven in 2 weeks, my cars are all too low... dont lower your vehicles :( lol... good thing theres an explorer and expedition in the garage and my girlfriend has a wannabe SUV suzuki thing.

    Gettin an 88 off road 351 F150 raised 4 inches with offroad tires and a rollcage /w gears for my birthday from my godfather, thats not till april tho, so there'll just be a couple inches of snow (y)
  19. I have practiced how my car handles in snow/ice, so I know how to anticipate what it will do.

    I also drive slowly in this stuff. I took all the weight out of the back of my car cause my springs are about shot. I just keep my tank full. I think it is kind of fun driving in the snow. The other day I was jump starting my friend's car on a one way street and to turn my car around I just threw it into first, cranked the wheel and gunned it. It kicked me around and I slid beutifully next to the curb and pulled up five feet. I felt like a stunt driver.