I Hate The Guess My Hp Threads But I'm Gonna Make One..

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  1. So I'm putting a Vortech v3 si on a 95 gt e7 heads making 223 rwhp. I'll be using the fmu and all that jazz for a minute but when it's up and running I'm gonna run to the tune shop. The guy who sold the kit said he'd expect 350-360 hp but that sounds pretty optimistic to me. What would be a realistic ballpark when starting at 223?
  2. I'd guess around the same depending on boost 350-375.
  3. 5-6 lbs of boost?
  4. Minimum of 100 rwhp gain, 340-350 rwhp is my guess
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  5. 6-8
  6. With 6-8# boost it def should hit the mid 300's
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