I hate the job prospects in this country these days...

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  1. I interviewed for a new job today.

    Little history:

    I'm a large business software developer... that means I'm above programmer, above senior programmer. I have advanced programming skills. So currently I'm working a job on the top floor of a downtown Denver high-rise for a large petroleum services company (much like Enron without the scandal... yet.)

    I love the job but it's run by "green card" Indians. (people from India for the clueless) They are the top managers and they only hire on Indians for the permanent positions with benefits and stock options but all of us Americans don't get anything besides a bi-monthly paycheck. No paid vacation, no medical, no dental, no paid holidays NO NOTHING. But these "green card" guys are being brought in permanently in a short time and are buying 1/2 million dollar houses in Denver while we Americans are treated like foreigners.

    So I interview with a medium sized company today. I have an exceptional work history and have been a key member on many ground moving projects. The guy at the potential company looks at my resume and then proceeds to look for anything he can to belittle me. I'm sorry but I've been a shining star at most my jobs and just recently decided to move back to Colorado. The guy treats me like ****. I think he's hoping he can offer me the job, I'll take it but for a "raped in the mouth and butt" pay rate. I'm sorry... but I will work at 7/11 before I will let anyone get my skill set for an insulting pay rate. I'm talking less than half of what I normally make and what a fresh college grad would expect at his first job.

    College guys... this is what you have to look forward to in the 21st century.

    Maybe I should just start picking lettuce or mowing lawns in place of the illegals since that's where the country is focused on and not the real threat.

    Am I the only one seeing this...? :bang:
  2. Maybe you should move to a better area for jobs...Here in the Northeast things are booming. Your in no mans land...you drive 150 miles a day round trip....i drive under 5 round trip. Granted Colorado is beautiful but i need to make money before i move to my beautiful final destination. Aren't there better locations for your area of expertise like the Northwest?
  3. Nope...this is crazy. These guys are coming over and buying up the country and treating us like crap. ITS OUR COUNTRY!

    Why cant the government get these guys for discrimination? If i started a buisness and say ONLY hired white people, or ONLY black people, or ONLY americans, id get sued out the butt.

    So what makes this different? I would call someone and shut these guys down....all this stuff is ticking me off.
    I really think its all a big plan to overthow america....they get control of everything and we are jacked. If they treated us like equals and were cool (some of them are cool people, and I dont mind them at ALL), then fine. But treating us like outsiders, is unnacceptable.

    How do you take out a big nation with a little one? You CANT use force....you must infiltrate silently and destroy them from the inside out. Thats my take. Maybe im wrong HAHA. But I feel for you man :(
  4. Welcome to the world of the white male. A college education guarantees absolutely nothing. And if it comes down to between you and a minority, or a woman, start looking for another job to interview for, cause you are'nt getting it. In 20 years, the only jobs this country will have is jobs for burger flippers. Everything else will be made overseas and shipped here. The beginning of the end has already started for this country.
  5. The only computer store in this town (and I mean 20-mile radius or more) starts people at minimum wage. They build systems for the schools and businesses, and wanted to pay me $5.15/hr to build them, install windows, and drive to the schools and offices and set them up including networks.
  6. Interesting story. I think you need to keep looking for another job or stay at your current one and start your own consulting on the side. I wonder how a reverse-discrimation suit would hold up in that scenario? I agree, the lettuce pickers and landscapers are not the problem. Maybe it's time to change careers if things are that difficult in your field.
  7. Ya know...I was just talking with some friends the other day that being a white male ain't what it used to be. I admit...many many years ago, we had it made and everyone else was crapped on....but nowadays everyone is so status quo....we're discriminated against but nobody wants to hear us "whine" about it.

    Also, my brother is a genius when it comes to computers. He started programming when he was 7 years old on our old Atari 800 and has been doing it since. Went to college, got his degree....and can't find a decent job. All the jobs he's had so far, the bosses always find something to complain about, or take credit for his work...or something. Or like you said....want to pay him starter level pay instead of the 6 figures he deserves. Unfortunately I think the abundance of new grads with computer degrees has gotten out of control...no one cares for the experience anymore. He's tempted to get his master's and start teaching at a college.

    Anyways, good luck.
  8. GDawgs an old fart, I don't think it would be wise to change fields. I think there will be something better soon. Colorado Springs should hit a big growth spike real shortly
  9. Take up male prostitution on the side!
  10. I was under the impression years ago that careers in Computer programming were on the decent and pay was not that good, yet thousands of people continue to persue this field :shrug: On our local radio/TV ads i constantly hear computer schools promoting jobs and growth but i know a few guys who couldn't find work after attending. I don't work in the field of my degree anylonger myself...Migrant workers drove down the wages :mad: so now I sell cars :D Very easy job and the pay is excellent..:nice:
  11. Back in the 90's, when I graduated from college, there were alot of people majoring in computer science/engineering because of the "dot-com" craze. As we all know now, many of those "dot-coms" collapsed leaving a glut of computer engineers/programmers/IT support/designers. Other engineering majors were few but now there are tons of jobs for other disciplines of engineers w/experience esp. civil engineers. However, there are a lot of computer people out there w/experience but no work.

    Yeah, and working for an East Indian company with it's caste-system mentality is no fun. Trust me, I've worked around some of those managerial types. They only respect those that are in a higher position, have tons more money or that come from a higher caste. Now you know how the East Indians felt when the British had their East India Trading Company during the 1800's in India. If you think being a white male is tough, try being an ethnic minority around them! If you stick around long enough, you will eventually get screwed by those folks, good luck.
  12. i am a network design engineer for a gaming company in Las Vegas... I applied online... they flew me out here for an interview and offered me GREAT money to move out here.

    I think you are looking in the wrong spots. Las Vegas has a shortage of people for jobs, especially in the computer/tech area. Pay is VERY good here too b/c so many people come and go here so they pay well to keep people in the town.

    Colorado is not too far off either just so you know. Give it a shot.
  13. I can't stand that I can't find a job in what I got a degree in (Computer Information Technologies). All the interviews that I have gone to went well. Then I get a phone call back a few days later saying "oh we are sorry you don't have enough experience but we liked your resume" or Sorry you have know corporate office experience" or “we want people with five years of on job experience”. It pisses me off. So the job market sucks and I'm stuck making pizza in a grocery store with a damn college degree:mad:
  14. Out of college...I wanted to stay local....but all the job offers were way below avg pay for my degree (ElecEngnr)...but I settled...seems like technical background guys move up fast....although...I've seen a lot of you software guys takin up the a** from the govt...(being that I'm a civil service employee)....seems like everybody started takin computer classes because of the big computer boom, and now there's too many software guys to go around, and everybody's havin to settle for second rate pay stubs...just my 2 Cents
  15. i am for the GIANT wall between us and our neighbor to the south. those greedy ****es want FREE medical care and all the rights of a US citizen and yet they pay no taxes!!! how the hell could they even ask for any privilages? to be honest i think they are criminals b/c they are here illegally and dont pay any taxes! my vote is ship em back!!
  16. that is completely right... infrastructure guys and hardware guys, especially on the top end, will get paid more. You can program all you want but there are just plain too many of you guys around. Those jobs can pay less because so many people can do it.

    To be honest, certifications help a TON. I got my CCNA and am almost about to get my CCNP (I'm on a NP level) and as soon as I got that first certification my career went boom. I went from not getting calls back to offers daily while looking. I got hired at an ISP as a network engineer and from there the rest is history :)
  17. There are mexicans taking complex computer jobs? :bs:
  18. Back in 1995 I was going to start going to shool for computer programming, but when I saw how many people were going to school for the same thing I changed my mind. I am glad I did.
  19. All of you computer gurus are in for a really rude awakening here. This country's job market is really bad. There are many computer companies that are hiring, but they are hiring at really LOW wages because there are hoards of college graduates who are looking for the same jobs. I remember back 8 years ago before the dot com bust when people in computers were making really high salaries. The good times are all over boys. You will be lucky if you can find a $40,000-$50,000 a year job in computers nowadays. Globalization has caused the computer labor market to go into the tank. Another reason is the influx of "green card" Indians and Chinese from India and China. These people are being shipped into the United States from India and China to take the place of the American worker.

    The only thing good about all this is that all of you computer people are being paid what you are really worth just like the rest of the Americans in the labor market. Back 8 years ago, you were all making too much money ($60,000-$200,000) just because you had a measly computer degree. Right now, your salaries are exactly where they should be. Thank God for the burst in the computer bubble.
    Let me give you all a word of advice: STOP COMPLAINING. If you want to make more money go start your own business. There's nothing better and rewarding than owning your own business and working for yourself. NOBODY is going to reward you if you work for somebody else. Get this thru your heads. The ONLY way that you will be able to make decent money nowadays is if you start your own business and if you struggle to build your own business in order to make some good money. Nothing comes easy, especially to people like you who were overpaid during the 1990's just because you had a stupid computer degree. The burst in the computer bubble has down the salaries of computer jobs to where they should be. You were all being overpaid during the computer boom. Now most of you are making what you should be making just like the rest of the people in this country. Live with it. If you don't like it, then have the balls to start your own business and stop complaining.
  20. :rlaugh: no computer jobs, but everything else!!:rlaugh: