I hate the job prospects in this country these days...

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  1. What exactly makes it YOUR country and not theirs?? :scratch: A few of your generations ago YOUR ancestors were going though the same crap
  2. Save your religious babble for sunday school :D

  3. Yes there is definatly going to be a one world order, and our president is for it. It has to come about, but my thoughts are just one way that it may be ussured in...it could happen in a variety of ways i guess. :shrug:

    BTW I think he is this kid I saw on TV a year or so back. (young teen I think). Supposedly this guys already in colege, and studding in world peace, and various other topics of that sort. His "goal" is to bring world peace and usser in a global one world order....also says all of his schooling will be complete when he is around 32-33 years old. Exactly the age when Jesus started preaching...I think its pretty odd. :shrug:
  4. Tom= resident liberal :D
  5. Tom = First Born Generation on american soil from my family
  6. SO I take it that you want America to go straight down the drain just like iran and all the other 3rd world countris? Here is the thing, they are coming over here and wanting to turn it into the darn country they just left!

    They werent born in america....THATS what makes it ours and not theirs. When their kids are born here and buy things up, then thats fine by me. But peeps from other countries dont care about us, and dont appreciate what we worked hard to get. They are helped by orginazations, get 5 years of no taxes, and other benefits. Thats my problem with the whole thing....just look how they are treating their american employes...

    now please just tell me that you think thats right and you would happily have a boss like that. If you guys get your way, thats just what will happen. :nice: Congrats.
  7. Another take on Tech Jobs

    My dad worker for forty years at a newspaper company (union job, high school education). Went from setting lead type to doing graphic layouts on a mac. He did a five year apprenticeship to learn to set lead type and the pay scale reflected that. He took a two week course on computers and was doing ad graphics thereafter (union job so pay scale was the same). When he retired he said the company was hiring guys with four year degrees in computers for one-fourth the money. He said as technology moves on, it becomes easier to use and the pay goes downward. Add to this the increased use of outsourcing and the pay scales are driven down further.

    I'm a strong believer in free enterprise but recent events have me thinking some protectionist policies may be necessary to preserve jobs here. Good luck to all.
  8. Theret,if that's not racist and completly F'ing ignorant,I dont know what is.

  9. I just think we'll have to rethink our society in the 21st century. Americans are the best of an evolving species... we will change, with some hard bumps but Americans will always be the best of humanity. Peace... :nice:
  10. Gary I'll be back in June. We're supposed to do a beer factory cruise (free beer + 100ish miles of mustang cruising = SWEEET!) when I get back but I don't know if any one is setting that up.

    Glad you got a better offer, is the new job in Denver too? We need to go have a few beers when I get home, and bring your big boobied GF too, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet :)

  11. I do not find those comments racist.

    His political veiw is different than yours, but I don't see racism..

    You can be against illegal imigration and non racist.. I am one of those people my self.

  12. I'm going on a big vacation at the end of June Greg. Going deep sea fishing, scuba diving, golfing on some pro courses and hoping to meet up with Sammy Hager at Cabo Wabo while there. After that and I sober up, I'll be doing the KB install. Not sure about the beer cruise when it is. I'll have to introduce you to my GF... I've been with her for 8 months. She's cool and loves the Mustangs.

    Maybe once you're back you can help me with this install... ya think? :flag:

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  13. If it draws out a response or provokes personal opinion, it is a fine thread... just maybe not in YOUR eyes... :p Narrow mindedness is not productive... ideas should be discussed. :p
  14. I agree,theres nothing wrong with being against illigal immigration,but it's a whole different thing from being against illigal immigrants and calling them Geedy ****es. That comment was also directed toward Mexicans. If you did even a little bit of research you'd find out that immigrants pay over $90 Billion in taxes,while only taking $5 Billion in things like Medical/Welfare.As a matter of fact a lot of those things like medical and welfare goes to immigrants who we actually let in this country i.e,Chinise,Philipinoes,Japanese,Vietnamese,Middleastern,Europeon etc.

    Is there anything racist about being agianst immigration,absolutely not,but there is when you single out Mexicans/Lationos as greedy ****es who don't pay taxes when those aren't the facts.
  15. I think that America needs to rethink the way it's treating its American citizens who work and who are trying to make a living and who want to move up in America's economic and social structure. I believe that the American government or western government system as we know it is trying to abolish the middle class and to make them poorer by making them slaves to globalization. This is what's been happening in the United States now for the last 20 years. It's occurrence is more recognizable now than it has been in the past. Eventually, globalization of economies is going to lead to the one world government which will transition the working middle class into poverty. It's not a matter of time before the middle class in the United States and in the western industrialized countries will be wiped out and transitioned into a lower standard of living. Big corporations and the industrial complex are all to blame for this. They are the ones who are ruining the lives of many hard working Americans. It's very sad, but inevitable.
  16. glad I changed my degree from Computer Science to Aviation back in 94. I've had no problem finding jobs :nice:
  17. Guess I'll see you in July then, I haven't decided where I'm going on vacation to when I get back yet. Probly some where with free liqour... oh I know, Home!
  18. I'm thinking he's talking about illegal immigrants, which don't pay taxes. And I'm not against immigration, just illegal immigration....but funny thing is that there are a lot of illegal immigrants that come for seasonal farming work, make some decent money under the table, all live together in the barn, then take almost all the money back to Mexico to spend and live for the rest of the year. So the money is taken from our economy and deposited into their economy. And yes, this is no exaggeration because I personally have seen this having lived in a rural town for some time.
  19. Oh, and just to clarify, I don't necessarily blame the immigrants for coming illegally because I would probably do the same thing if I were in there shoes. Some are greedy, but many are just desparate. And honestly if I were desparate and needed money to feed my children, I would steal for it. Its our countries fault for not taking this issue seriously enough before and now. We can't expect people to stop doing it because its wrong, because from their perspective its not necessarily wrong.
  20. True words.
    I agree ideas should be discussed, however I doubt you'll be enlighten by the content considering the impression left by the initial post. Perhaps ... but, highly unlikely.
    I'd be impressed if the discussion remained at a higher level. (PG3 so a far) I know it's not SVTP but SN has it's members that can take a topic (less charged) and make it very bad.

    Everyone's got a story and context to put it in. Everyone has an opinion ... and we all know what they vary like too. :p Good and bad ... I'd just like to see the good for a change without the bigotry or ignorance.

    Excellent point and example BTW!!!