I hate the job prospects in this country these days...

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  1. wow. This thread has really hit home for me. And I'll tell you why.
    I'm still gathering all my thoughts and wondering what to say, and if I should even bother with some of my thoughts and opinions. hotmustang331, I've always respected your opinions on most things(car related) and you usually don't add to much to threads like these and stick to stang related threads.
    Your opinion, that of GDawg, and some of you others have provoked me to tell you guys a little about myself that I haven't previously revealed.

    I am an Indian IT professional, wasn't born here but am a citizen, I work for the government, and am about to buy a business in which I will be over 6-7 "real" Americans. This will be the 2nd one in our family currently, but will be our 10th since we've been in this country. Both my sisters were born here
    one is about to start college, and the other optometry school. We've employed a lot of "real" Americans over the years and have treated everyone of them fairly and equally. At the same time, we have never employed any of those dirty Indians or other foreigners other than myself-when my dad allowed me to start working at the age of 15.
    Are we planning on taking over the entire world---maybe. We like to set our goals high. Are we doing it silently?- definitely--when do you ever hear an Indian person **** about civil rights, and Affirmitive Action, and pull the race card, blah blah---NEVER. We just work, and keep working, and work hard. And we SUCCEED. Do I hate America--not at all. I love this country and this is where I live, where I pay taxes, where I invest in my future, where I give other people jobs, and where I'll raise my kids. Now, I'm not a green card employee like GDawg was talking about--I've been in the U.S since I was 4. I do have Indian friends that are greencard employees that I graduated with--they feel the same as I do about the U.S. I grew up in BFE, Alabama--I am more a country boy than anything else. Yeah--imagine that a country-boy Indian.

    GDawg, Maybe some attention does need to placed on the situation in your company. It's definitely not right. But I hope you or anyone here doesn't have a bad opinion of all of us just from a few isolated incidents. And you better not work at 7-11, you might run into more of us. Squisshee?? You also mentioned that they are gearing up to be moved to India--maybe that's the reason. I have a friend that's an internal auditor for deloitte and touche--his white, male big-money supervisors have made it clear it's their unwritten rule that they prefer indian auditors--go figure...:shrug:

    Most people that have come here from another part of the world would never go back. They came here for a reason. There are many indian and muslims of varying nationality in this country that are land/business owners. You have to remember --that if they're educated at all, it wasn't here and they don't possess the intellectual skills to try for employment in the corporate world-so what do they do--buy businesses.
    I educated myself, and realize that I will never make as much money as my family has with our businesses--so I too have decided to take the jump. I am leaving my goverrnment job to make some real cheez, and I'm dragging my wife with me-who also happens to be Indian, not born here, educated, and from DENVER, COLORADO!!!!!!!

    You may see why so many points in this thread hit home--I'm kind of scatter brained right now and just typing out thoughts...

    I'm against illegal immigration. my family has never received a dime from any organization for anything, ever. Indians aren't even considerred a minority for some reason, and we don't get help with jack chit.--but you still don't hear us ****ing or rioting or going on strikes....thats cuz we're too busy working or learning....
    Thats it for now until i can gather myself and try to drive home some points...
    sorry for the long ass post...longest post i've ever written...

  2. There are always those on the winning end and the losing end of a situation, and there always will be. When we're winning, we love the world and the way it operates. When we're losing, we hate it and it must be someone's fault. Interesting how this thread turned into a conversation about outsourcing and a conversation about illegal immigrants all rolled into one. I'll stick with the illegal immigrant debate because outsourcing is just business...and at the moment, not illegal.
  3. holy moly :eek: did your sentence just poop?
  4. you assume too much, get out of your political state of mind

    Wow, so that must mean my dad isn't american, although he speaks perfect english and has lost alot of his italian comprehension, has been here for decades (already been alive on american soil longer than you have), have citizenship, carries arms, but I am american :rolleyes:
  5. immigrants built the america where you live today, remember that when you think so shallow minded :nonono:

    REAL americans, the native ones (those guys who got raped of their land, so YOU can become american, from your ansestors that will never be american) just built the casinos :D
  6. Join the military.... they are always "hiring"
    And talk about job security :)
  7. The only thing with the military is that they have low wages.

  8. I think the wages arent bad considering everything added together. Base pay increases by year/rank. And then when you throw in extra housing allowances/COLA/clothing allowances/etc.... And then if you get married, have a baby or two or three you add even more on.
    You dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on suits because you have to wear the same thing everyday anyway, which they even conveniently give to you.

    Retirement isnt bad either even if you go the reserve/guard route....

    Now if I can only find a job like that in the real world. :flag:

    But of course your typical office wont deploy you for a year millions of miles away from your friends/family. :notnice:

    but even then.... you get EVEN MORE bonus money (hazard duty, family separation pay, per diem, etc.)
  9. VPStang, I'm sorry if I insulted you. I generally don't make blanket statements and typically I try to not post these kind of threads. I was somewhat buzzed when I posted this initially and if you couldn't tell, I was in a very bad mood.

    I like most of the Indians I work with. There are a few though that "look down their nose" at us. They are not superior programmers but those certain ones act like it eventhough I am constantly fixing their programs.

    In every culture there is good and bad. My bitterness not only comes from the competition for jobs in our country for nationals against green card workers but also for the fact that a lot of low/middle level Americans are losing jobs cause ALL of them seem to be being shipped overseas, specifically India.

    If I were Indian I would jump at the opportunity to work in the U.S. But respect for the Americans is essential (whatever our ethnicity). You are a citizen and aren't going to take your job back to India (I hope). You're different. I'm Latino but I'm a national. The comments about the Mexicans do affect me a bit but I do agree that they need to do this legally. Our government needs to make it not so difficult for those poor souls to immigrate here. Those that only want to get money but not pay into our system like the rest of us do, are not welcome by me.

    Please don't think I hate all Indians. I hate very few people even if they piss me off. I just want to be able to work in my country for an American company that was built on American sweat.

    We're all just looking for the "pursuit of happiness"... :flag:

  10. Btw Tom, no one ever considers this. The REAL Americans weren't just the American Indians, they were also the Mexicans. They occupied much of the southern part of our country long before the British and French took it from them. Like Paul Rodriguez used to say in his comedy routine... "The Mexicans didn't cross the border, the border crossed them"...

    Our country is a wealth of talent but we can't forget where all that came from. We, as the smartest, most powerful and most spirited country in this world have to solve this problem like all the others. We just can't let corporate greed **** our citizens. AND **** Lay and Skilling... I hope they rot in jail. When businesses **** a large amount of Americans just so the upper management can get a few more million per year, I want to take up target practice with a long range rifle.

  11. greedy ****es used to describe all mexicans I think would be racist. but I think he just meant those that sneak over the border to abuse our welfare and medical system.. I know Illegals themselfs can not collect welfare, but they sure can when they give bitrh to a anchor baby.
  12. Good point, same would go for Germany. Way back when, Germania (known as Germany now) use to be in control of all northeastern europe and farther into russia, and one of the reasons why they invaded countries in the 1900's was because they wanted their land back
  13. But for as much weed as the Mexican's smoke... they will never try to invade us like Hitler... well... with the exception of "Krispy Kremes"... :rlaugh:
  14. they already are, with the jobs :eek:

  15. Kielbasa :nice:

    My girls a fist generation Amarican also. Her dad came over from Italy with $4 bucks and a dream.....I can't relate, my family has been here since the early 1700's...old English farts.
  16. This is what the majority of Illegals who worked for my former company did so i assume its done by most. They would shack up 15-20 in a 2 bedroom house and spend as little money as possible while here. They would NOT PAY TAXES because most looked for the "under the table" gig. I know alot do pay taxes because some companies are afraid of the govt and just take them out. Getting back on topic....these guys send home enough money that it adds up to be the #1 source of money for the Mexican Economy!!! If that $10 an hour job was done by an American....All $10 of it would be spent here not Mexico. And the BS that Americans won't do the work pisses me off because that $10 an hour job used to pay $13 and plenty of Americans wanted them....just grredy owners are pocketing the extra earnings so they actually seek out more illegals rather then employing an American. This is where we need big changes like big fines.
  17. como?

    My father came over with his faimly from sicily, only difference was they sold the farm and goats, i think they had $4.50 :D
  18. Living in Canada i know a bit about the melting pot and from reading this thread i think alot of people put blame on others and have this fear the world is gonna end because of others taking jobs that they are skilled to do. I mean everyone needs to eat and needs an income, if no one has a problem with LEGAL immagration then whats wrong with them taking the jobs they came here to do....i hear complain about border jumpers then legal immagration is ok?? so really whats the big deal the border jumpers are mopping the floors for 3 bucks an hour.....is that taking your job?? Hell I know many immagrants in Canada, from stories of people i have worked with, that came here educated as doctors but are working way below there trained level because we don't recognize there training. they bust there ass to get back to where they were in our country because they have the ability to do so.

    I think people need to find fault in something when life isn't going there way. Anyways, I work in the medical industry, i went in when nobody was going into it because our gov't was cutting into it like we don't need health care, but i knew it would bounce back by the time i got out of school....had a job for 10+ years with great pay and no worries of job security, and i work with lots of east indians and asians and other cultures, never been worried about the anti christ or the end of the world.....and as far as invading your country, borders are just lines on a map, a land mass really can't be owned, as it will change hands many times over the course of time as history has taught us. ie natives, romans, etc.
  19. Sorry VP stang, im just very mad about how they are treating this guy. I cant speak for all of you guys, and I already said that I really like some of the store owners from iran or those type countries. I go to one almost daily and they are really nice.
    I may have sounded as if I was against ALL of them, but thats just not the case.

    If you look back I am aiming those opinons toward those (like the mexicans or liberals) who want to change america into what they just left from/sell it out, and those who are treating us Americans like poo. So basically the point I was TRYING to make is, "what right do they have to come here, buy buisnesses, and treat their american employs like outsiders?". I wasnt meaning that the US should be locked off from all imigration....just illegal imigration.

    I just dont want this country turning into mexico/iran/other 3rd world countries or being sold out. My theory is just that, theory...I cant and WONT say that EVERY person from Iran is in a "plan", but I do think there is something going on behind the scenes.

    But thats comepletely out of your control...like saying that because america has murders, that im a murderer haha. Its just crazy and I wasnt trying to say that.

    Again, im sorry for how that came out...that post was aimed for the type that G dawg is dealing with. Persons like you arent trying to take over big corperations and treating everyone like crap...all you are trying to do is provide for your family and now I feel bad for how I made that sound :(. Please dont think me rasist, or anything of that sort and I hope you accept my opology.
  20. Que? :shrug: