I Hate To Beat A Dead Horse But Could Someone Point Me Towards Some Roller Rockers?

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  1. I've been researching roller rockers lately but I'm still not sure which would be best for my application. It's a '95 gt with e7's. I have comp cam 35-440-8 which has .512 lift on in and ex. Here is a link with the specs. http://www.compcams.com/(S(nknifpvg...pany/CC/cam-specs/Details.aspx?csid=1045&sb=0
    For springs I have comp also here are their specs.
    • OD Outer Spring: 1.430"
    • ID Outer Spring: 1.070"
    • ID Inner Spring: 0.697"
    • Seat Load: 121 @ 1.800
    • Open Load: 343 @ 1.200
    • Coil Bind: 1.150"
    • Spring Rate: 370 lbs/in
    What would be a good choice for me? It's has a centri but with the e7's power is falling off way before 6k. That being said I don't need to (and can't really) rev to the moon.
  2. Stock E7s?

  3. Yeah they haven't been ported just rebuilt w 3 ang valve and the mentioned springs
  4. for your application any good roller rocker will do just fine. comp cams has a nice set, as does summit, crane, erson, among others. here is a nice selection of roller rockers from summit racing. they all have 1.6 ratio, and go on a 3/8" stud, and are full roller rockers with aluminum bodies. any of them will do just fine for you;

  5. I might also invest in ARP studs if you haven't already.

    I broke one once. I was glad it was on the intake side.
  6. So no to pedestal?
  7. Thank y'all.
  8. Heya...

    What valve covers are you using? I ask because those Scorprions are a bit of a challenge to fit under the stock ones.

  9. I have heard several stories concerning intake studs breaking, but can't recall one concerning exhaust studs. I assume if this happened, it would be something catostraphic, similar to hydro locking a motor. Anyone ever witnessed this?

    Sorry to high jack your thread. For what it's worth, stay away from the Proform aluminum rockers.

  10. go into the search results, and take out stud mount and insert pedestal mount.
  11. Nah I mean I know they get a lot of flack. Are they really all that bad even for a low revving mild horsepower application? I'm just thinking it'd be an eaiser job vs the stud mount since that's what I currently have.
    *Edit* Sorry boys one more newb question that I know has been asked since the beginning of time but: At the end of the day would they even be worth the expense after figuring in new valve covers and an intake spacer?
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  12. pedestal mounts will do just fine as well. as far as i am concerned, roller rockers are always worth the money.