40th Anniv I have $1500 to spend!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SonicStang04, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Hey Everyone, Yea I'm a newbie to the site and so far im F%$#in loving it soo far!! but I have a grand and change to spend on the car ( i know im stoked!) i already have the bassani exhaust but i want to spend the 1500 on parts where i can get the most HP OBVIOUSLY! of course the intake and programmer is a must but i need MORE PARTS! Any suggestions for the perfect $1500 performance package!?!?!
  2. Nitrous and gears FTW:nice:

    Best overall choice with that kind of dough.
  3. If you are thinking headers go with the Kooks. you will gain some HP not much, but get your gear in first.... and Mikronite them....
  4. be careful getting gears new trany should be in mind also if your gona be doing that