I Have $500 To Get The Most Horsepower Out Of My 98 Gt

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nick D, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Power adders are quite expensive, but definitly well worth it.
  2. Expensive, but what you get out of it overpowers every other upgrade.
  3. That's a very good point
  4. Yes, I understand I always over do my daily ha-ha.
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  5. @Nick D how much HP do you have right now?
  6. Haha. If my wallet and wife said yes. So, would I!
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  7. well currently i have only about 230hp, i just bought the car about 2 or 3 weeks ago and it's practically bone stock. so far, i had installed a CAI and within a couple of days it should have SLP loudmouth 1's with the stock exhaust. so i was hoping $500 would be enough to play around with for now.
  8. I gave up smoking, my old lady was born and raised mustangs, and I don't have kids. She's always telling me "I'll buy you parts if you need them, just let me know ahead of time" ha-ha :nice::flag:
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  9. Hahaha. Nice!
  10. Ok so that would be what, 230 max at the crank. Think about what all you're going to have to do to hit the 350 mark. Not trying to negative just realistic bro. Honestly, I would save money for MOAR power :nice: or put it into handling. Then you can really have some fun for now carving the roads. My stang was 175hp and 225tq in 2nd at 2300 rpm when I first got it. Not fast, but really quick off the line ha. It would surprisingly whoop cars that you wouldn't expect it to. If it was a newer car and a not so good driver I can easily pass ha-ha.
  11. I still haven't let her buy anything but gas for it just because that's how I am. She's my money pit :rlaugh:
  12. I know what you mean there. Haha. All my money is in suspension and I'm finally getting into the motor.
  13. ya, i do have a while to get to that mark, so definitely i will save up for suspension and enjoy the car until i get up to the 350 mark. haha, i could still easily pass those honda civics and z28s
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  14. @TurdstangGT See, I started motor first and I'm currently doing motor and starting suspension. Which is why I'm trying to help @Nick D here figure out he wants suspension first.
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  15. For sure! If you have any suspension questions the guys and gals at MM are very knowledgeable and polite. They will help with anything you need to know.
  16. haha
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  17. @85rkyboby and @Nick D, I definitely agree with doing suspension and gears first. I probably have 200rwhp if I'm lucky, but I have so much fun with just my simple suspension and 3.55's. I used to have a Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo with roughly 270awhp and it wasn't anywhere near as fun as this my Mustang.
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  18. Totally agree! Shoot most folks just guess HP rating based off parts they buy or because that's what the manufacturer says, when in most cases they over rate the power of things. People now in days seem to think more is better with power, that's only true to a limit. It's pointless if you can't keep it on the ground, or take it around corners, or whatever your goal is in the end.
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  19. @85rkyboby I could not agree with you more there man. I hate how people think that just a CAI will give them 15whp. A nice CAI with an exhaust to compliment may give 15bhp, which is noticeable. You know what they say about Supra's, right? If you have a 700whp Supra, you're gonna run 10's, but if you have a 1000whp Supra. You're still gonna run 10's. Haha.
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  20. @TurdstangGT :rlaugh:That's freaking hilarious. I just happen to have a buddy that does nothing but Supra's. I swear you can't tell this guy anything lol.
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