I Have $500 To Get The Most Horsepower Out Of My 98 Gt

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  1. I have a buddy who has a decently built MKIV and he agrees with me. Haha. We both started with suspension first and he caught a break with money and now makes almost 600whp and can put it to the ground for the simple reason that he did suspension first. Haha.
  2. Hell yea. It never seems right at first but in end it all makes sense. Suspension, braking, steering, MOTOR. I'm aiming for 500HP, I think that'll be more than plenty.
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  3. For a street car? More than enough. Haha.
  4. @TurdstangGT
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  5. Well played sir. Hahahahaha.
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  6. I keep hearing people shouting to do the suspension. Just want to iterate that you can't do a whole lot of suspension for $500 either. Springs are $250 + an alignment, shocks/struts are $350 for a cheap set, $600+ for a good set, FLSFCs are $250 the time you get them welded in, LCAs are $250+, etc. So for $500, you really can't do any significant suspension mods.

    Same goes for brakes. You might could do 13" Cobra brakes on the front for $500, but unless you're racing the car on a track, I wouldn't do that mod first. My 98 has the stock brakes all around, and it'll lock all 4 up on command. No need for bigger brakes.

    I'll stand by my original post. For $500, I'd do a PI head swap. If not that, I'd agree with some other poster (forgot who it was) and just completely go over the whole car. Change all the fluids, new filters, spark plugs, brake pads, rotors resurfaced, give the car a good detail in and out, etc.

    That brings up a good point I hadn't thought about. I bought a Porter Cable 7424 and some detailing compounds, polishes, microfiber towels, etc. for around $250. Do some reading, learn how to use it, and you can make your car look brand new. That was some of the best money I've ever spent for my car.
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  8. On a car that old I would go about replacing worn out parts, that would make the car more enjoyable to me imo. Things like brakes, spark plugs, shocks/struts (or coilovers if you want) can all make an old car feel good again. Also $500 isnt much in this hobby, I know ppl tha thave spent $6,000 on forged internals and all that for their engines...
  9. True Blue has the right idea for cars as old as ours. Check out the front suspension restoration kit from mustangsunlimited.com. I have a 94 GT and am in the process of replacing inner/outer tie rods, front sway bar links, ball joints, all for 95 bucks. Sand off any surface rust off from underneath your mustang and put a protective undercoating yourself to keep the frame safe from road salt. I also found brand new hubs and spindles for 160 on e bay. Things like that are worth the money more than having a car with worn out parts and putting money into bolt ons.
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  10. What Gears would you put in?
  11. 4.10

    Don't fear the gear!
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  12. manual: 3.73, auto: 4.10s
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  13. I have a automatic, friend said should be the other way around said 4.10 for a auto would suck on the highway?
  14. I have an auto too. I run around 2600-2700rpm @ 70mph
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  15. 4.10s would help your auto get up and go for sure. You will have to make a compromise between faster acceleration, rpms, and gas mileage with any higher set of gears.
  16. How much do you care about fuel mileage? Do you do a lot of highway driving? 4.10s will put you at a little over 2800 rpm at 75 mph. 3.73s will have you at about 2550 at 75. I've driven auto cars with 4.10s on the highway at 75-80 mph, and it is quite a few RPM.

    What tires do you have out back?

    My overall opinion is that it depends on if you're ever planning to go forced induction or not. If you are, then 3.73s at the most. I have a blower, making 400ish rwhp, automatic transmission, and 3.73s. 1st gear is a no-go. And that's with good tires out back. Can't imagine going steeper gears.

    If you are not planning to go forced induction, it's a bit of a toss up. For maximum performance at the track and biggest noticeable difference, 4.10s are the way to go. But if you care a lot about fuel mileage and drive on the highway alot, that might be too much for you. Or, more importantly, if you have a crappy set of smaller tires (<275s), then the lack of traction in 1st gear is actually going to make you slower on the street or at the track, in which case I'd say go with 3.73s.
  17. Go for the gears before you spend money on anything else. My compromise was 3.90's in my 98 GT and 4.10 in my 05. The labor for each install was $400. .....then you can play with anything else you want.
  18. Your first mod should be a full Pi swap, then gears.

    You can get a pi topend out of a junkyard for $200 easily. Then $20 for plugs, $30 for oil, $85 for headgaskets.