i have $800 i want the best setup for the money HELP!!!

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  1. alright i got 800 bucks, i want to get the best sysytem for the money, i have stock everything right now except my head unit, and two pioneer 6x9's. i want the system that will make me feel like i am getting the best music i can, i was wondering if i have enough to get some subs, some midrange, and amps, and whatever else i need. also will all these new compnents eat my batttery up even more? i dont want to have my car not start after i play my system for an hour, so should i get a seperate battery, also any mounting ideas for my system..

  2. dude i dont think ull need another batt with a 140 amp alternator i am running 1400 watts on a 85 am alternator and have had no probs with it unless i jam with my car not running but i dont see any need for that anyway im running 400 watts to my componet speakers and 1000 watts to my set of 12's im not at the comp stage with it but for 1000 bucks in it im happy with it,, 800 bucks and some shoping u should be able to have a system ull be happy with unless u want to compet . good luck
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  4. You can get a really nice setup for $800. I would start by researching the products at www.sounddomain.com or www.crutchfield.com. Crutchfield has great customer support and will actually walk you through installation if you wanted to do it yourself (which would save some money). If I were you, I would upgrade all my speakers first. I highly recommend infinity speakers, I have owned several pairs and I am very happy with them. As for a sub/amp setup, you need to consider a few different things before you buy. First off, are you going to make the box yourself, or are you going to buy one, a good sealed box can cost up to 150 dollars. Also, you need to consider getting some sound deadening material, like dynamat, because you will have rattles with any sub. I would imagine that you can pick up all new speakers and a mono amp (for the sub) and 1 sub (10" or 12") for under $800. If you go to www.etronics.com you can find some products you like and then go to www.sounddomain.com because sounddomain.com has a 105% pricematch, so if you find something cheap at www.etronics.com, then you can fill out the form at www.sounddomain.com and they will match the price plus 5% off, which will make things a lot cheaper for you. www.crutchfield.com is a little overpriced, but if the customer service is worth it to you, you can buy from them. Let me know if you need any more help.

    Oh yeah, you wont need a new battery or anything unless you plan on listening to the system when the car is off, then you may need one. But i have over 1000 watts rms on a stock battery.
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  6. I have heard nothing but the best about infinity speakers as well. I have done some research and would go with a component set. I used to be into doing stereos somewhat
    In my 92 Ford probe I had a pioneer 6500 h/u, pioneer 3 way 6.5" speakers, a set of addition remote tweeters, 4 gauge power/ground running to an MA Audio 800 watt amp, powering an Audiobahn 15" DVC sub in a HUGE slot port box. I was not into it enough to know all the best stuff (obviously) with the walmart speakers and all. But I was VERY pleased with this setup. It sounded awesome. The MA Audio amp however didn't last too long. One of the channels burnt out in it. Makes a Dual voice coil sub sound kinda weird. lol
    If you've wired any speakers up before you'll know there is a + and - on the speaker. DVC stands for Dual Voice Coil. The + and - on your normal speakers are connected to the voice coil. The DVC speakers have TWO of each. 2+ 2-. Its usually just to be able to wire easier. On some of the big competition amps and stuff, they are stable to 1ohm and half ohm etc and they need to wire like 4 subs or whatever, they can wire them in such a way to get the end number of ohm's near the lowest they can, allowing the most available power. I may not be 100% accurate on all my information, if so please correct me, for my own knowledge if nothing else.
  7. awesome guys, so what all do you think i could get for 800, i have some connections and hookups at ultimate electronics, like 30-70% off i think i would get stuff from there. what all should i get for my system? like tweeters and midrange? i will be honest when you say component speakers and such i have hardly any knowledge with this stuff so be very blunt. i know i need to learn, i want a bad system, waht would i need to make a kick @$$ system, tweeters, couple amps, subs, midrange, what? i need everything explained to me like i have no knowledge on the subject, because i know very little
  8. A component speaker just means its two seperate speakers, tweeter (normally smaller and put high on the door, at shoulder level, and a midrange, larger and placed at the bottom of the door. These tend to be more expensive but will sound better. The alternative is a 2 or 3way speaker which is the tweeter mounted with the midrange, so that they both go in the door. You have a couple of options with your 4 main speakers. You could let the head unit power these speakers, which in that case you will end up getting something like 20-24 watts rms per speaker (dont bother looking at peak watt power, always look at rms power). Or you could buy a 4 channel amplifier to power your speakers, this is a popular option, although somewhat more expensive, it will make the music sound much fuller and really give you the power you need.

    If you are buying a subwoofer, I would suggest something practical, one or two 10 inch or 12 inch woofers, this will not only keep the installation simple, it will save on your wallet. I have one 12 inch woofer in my trunk, but it is getting 800 watts rms. Some people have 4 12 inch subwoofers in their cars, each one getting 200 watts rms, do the math, its cheaper to just get one good woofer that will make a lot of power.

    Some people buy capacitors for their systems, which is kinda like a second battery, only a lot cheaper, and easier to wire. I have a 1 farad capacitor for my system, and it helps so that my lights dont dim when I am listening to techno, or 50 cent. The general rule of thumb is 1 farad per every 1000 watts rms of power your system needs. So if you put together a smaller system, you would only need a 0.5 farad capacitor.

    Stick with key brands when buying a system, rockford fosgate, audiobahn, jl audio, sony, dont buy brands like profile and rockwood, because it will end up sounding like you bought it at the flea market.
  9. example

    Here is a decent example, now I didnt include speakers, this is just the trunk with wiring.

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/ABNA8000T $350

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/ABNAW1200Q $180

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/QLCQB1123 $75

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/ROCCPC1003 $70

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/STRPS04BSI $60

    Total Cost: $735 and your ability to hear

    This is pretty much the same system I have, http://www.sounddomain.com/memberpage/484771/3

    This setup also gives you extra money to put towards speakers, and or dynamat.
  10. thanks for the posts i was kinda in the same boat as zeus.. .. well with far less money but i learned reguardless
  11. $800.... hmm.... here's what I'd do(I have a setup almost the same as this)

    Cdt CL61's components $150 at thezeb.com
    Resonant Engineering SE 12" sub $189 respl.com
    Build your own box $50
    JBL 600.1 amp $189 www.etronics.com
    US Accoustics 150x2 amp $150-200

    You really dont need rear fill unless you have people riding in the back all the time....
  12. US Accoustics :notnice:

    If you are not paying around $1 a watt rms in 4 ohm for an amp, you are getting junk. Thats the rule I have always heard.
  13. do you think i could get the full system for about 800 with my connection or would it be a little off?
  14. US Acoustics aren't the best of amps but they are a good budget amp and put out the wattage they say they do unlike most of them. He is on a tight budget which is why i suggested it. He can't afford a $3-400 amp on an $800 budget.
  15. alright guys i am going to post the subs amp and midranges that i want,
    first off the sub i want is normally 250 for one, i can get it for 80
    second the amp i want is 600 but i get it for 192
    and third my components are usually 400 but i get them for 128
    now all together i am saving around 1000 because of my hookup, so does this system look okay to you?
    http://www.kenwoodusa.com/product/product.jsp?productTypeId=11&sortBy=price&productId=2581 <that is the amp

    http://www.kenwoodusa.com/product/product.jsp?productTypeId=45&sortBy=price&productId=2437 <this is the sub

    http://www.kenwoodusa.com/product/product.jsp?productTypeId=22&sortBy=price&productId=2427 <these are the components, do you think these would fit in my fox body, and if so where would i install them? i dont have speakers in my doors, my doors never came with them,
    so please help a few more questions and this will be out of the way thanks guys
  16. That all looks good, but let me get something straight, you are buying the 4 channel amp for the 4 main speakers. You still need another amp to power the subwoofer, like a mono amp, or a 2 channel amp and then bridge it (a mono amp will be cheaper). Then you still need to get the box, or make it yourself, and the wiring (4 gauge at the minimum). If you are going to have 2 amps you will need a fuse distro block, but if you buy a good multi amp wiring kit from streetwires or rockford fosgate, it will probably be included.
  17. yeah i came to the realization that i needed, another amp.. dammit well i think i would get a mono. i know that i dont have door speakers just the crap in the dash, so how hard would it be to get some door speakers installed? i really wish i knew how to do this stuff that would help a ton, thanks
  18. If you have a jig saw or any type of cutting tool you can cut the holes for your door speakers.....if you do not know where on the doors for the speakers remove it and look but you should be able to get pics.....make a pattern of the hole size and trace it on the door and cut it out.....why pay someone money to do this....stereo installation is not that tough either, just time and good tools helps in all areas.
  19. what about the fiberglass setup in back how much would that cost to have them make a custom box and fiberglass setup. they quoted me 600 for absolutely everything
  20. When you start getting into custom fiberglass amp racks and or boxes, unless you do it yourself (which is a pain) you are probably gonna blow your 800 budget. There is nothing wrong with a carpeted box, if you dont like carpet, then cover a box with vinyl, it will look good.