i have $800 i want the best setup for the money HELP!!!

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  1. yeah, well i have 500 away right now i get paid from both my jobs on next friday and monday, and then i will have around 800, two more weeks and i will have about 1100ish
  2. off topic, just for my clarification. on a dual voice coil sub like my JL subs, both positive and negative needs to be sent to a channel on the amp?

    in a parallel series, it would be positive to positive, negative to negative, and one positive, one negative to the terminal, then they go to one channel on the amp right?

    got confused on that part talking about dual voice coil subs.
  3. i think they would but i am amateur with systems, alright guys, i got the final numbers, 672 before shipping, that includes both amps the multi channel, and the competition mono(to power the sub) the two 12's and the two components, with the mids and tweets. also i bought a box off of ebay today, looked pretty good and was kind of cheap, if it is crap then i will go get a different one, but lots of people looked satisfied, like 10000+ good responses,

    i am not sure about what i will need to do next, the wires and everything, and maybe the stuff so my amp runs to the battery, i dunno what other odds and ends do i need, besides the bare stuff, wires and such, and how much does that set me back? i think i will order my stuff next paycheck:):):) i cant wait, do you guys think this system will bump or just be average?
    so tell me what else i would need, and if my system will be cool or will it be. ok. alright thanks guys.
  4. so no one will help me?
  5. You need to get a amplifier wiring kit from crutchfield or sounddomain, something that says "multi amp" setup. This way it will come with all the wiring, 4 gauge and 8 gauge, and the fuse disto block so you can have two amps off of the same 4 gauge. Then you need to make sure you have speaker wire, 14-16 gauge for the doors, and 12 gauge for the subs. Other than that you should be okay. What is your amp rated at 2 ohms? What about the subs? Use this diagram, and enter in the info, that will tell you how to wire the amps/subs javascript:WooferWiringWizardPop('http://www.sounddomain.com/shop/wooferwizard.pl')
    I dont know if that will work, if not go to http://www.cardomain.com/shop/subwoofers and then look on the right side of the page, it says something like subwoofer wiring diagram.

    The system will be much louder and will turn more heads if its wired so each sub sees 2 ohms, not 4 but I dont know that much about your subs so you would have to check them out to find out your options. Use that website above, it will help.
  6. if it says, 4 ohms+4 ohms is that good, or do i want less ohms, i bet that is a dumb question but.... so what, and if someone could click on the link to my subs would you tell me what kind of power i will have, will it be rockin or will it just be average?
  7. go to respl.com and look at their 8 inch subs, from what i hear they sound absolutly amazing and can get pretty loud, im sure you can afford 4 of them and an amp to power them, with plenty of money to spare, if you are lookin for a component set thezeb.com has a pair for 149 the paint on them is defective so they are selling for that amazing price. and those are pretty good component set for a good price.
  8. but does the 4ohm+4ohm mean something good?
  9. Is it Dual 4 ohm? If thats what it is, then you can wire ONE sub in a 2 ohm, which is louder, but there is no way to wire 2 subs in a 2 ohm circuit. So you are probably gonna be stuck in 4 ohm, which will be loud, but not loud enough to shake the windows on my house when you drive by.
  10. well, guys so this is a crappy deal, yes it dual voice coil and 4 ohms+4ohms, what subs should i get instead
  11. i want to shake windows, what are the best cheapest way to shake em? haha i was hoping these subs would give some serious oomph, maybe not, please right back quickly as i will be buying them shortly
  12. First question, what mono amp are you getting? Is it 2 ohm stable, and if so what is it rated at 2 ohms (how many watts rms). Find out all this info, then just get one subwoofer, rockford, kenwood, audiobahn, jl, whatever, that is rated at or near that number of watts rms in 2 ohm. For example, I have an audiobahn 8000T mono, which is rated at 800 watts rms in 2 ohm, and an audiobahn 1200Q which is a dual 4 ohm subwoofer rated at 700 watts rms in 2 ohm.
  13. dude, that is nothing more than jibberish to me.will you look on my amplifier site, and look at the mono sub, it is rated at something crazy like 533 watts rms, and like 919 at peak, and my sub, i know it is work for you but i dont understand what you are trying to ask me so maybe if you looked at the specs and everything you could tell me if it was good, right now i dont really feel like blowing money on a "marginal" system i want it to be kick @$$ my manager at my job who has installed systems for a while, saw my specs that i printed directly from kenwood for my amp and almost had a heart attack, i am not sure why? is 533 rms good?
  14. 500 watts rms is a pretty loud subwoofer, the average setup is probably around 200-300 watts rms max. The only time I have ever turned my system up more than 1/2 volume is if I have the top down. Other than that, I keep it under 1/2 volume which is about 500 watts rms, and its damn loud. Whats the link to your mono amp, and I will tell ya what I think about it....
  15. You have a battery relocation? I read that in your profile, and if thats the case, you dont really need to buy an amplifier wiring kit, you could buy everything seperate and save some money. The most expensive part of the amplifier wiring kit is the 16 feet of 4 gauge wire. If you have a battery in your trunk, then you would only need like 3 or 4 feet of 4 gauge wiring, which may save some money.
  16. awesome thanks fellow stang brotha, that helps, yeah my batt is relocated, it should be easy to wire, or that is what people have said, what else would i need then? the wires and a fuse? i have a cap that i ordered off ebay its 2 karads, is that enough for my system, my sub isnt rated that high my amp is rated to 533 rms peak is 916 or something like that, my subs i dont even know. my links to my multi channel amp, subs, components are on the 1st page of this thread, my d class sub amp is here


    it sounds like it would be awesome, but i dont know what half the specs mean... well let me know guys, you are my eyes in this new world that is car audio systems, please dont let me down, just kidding im really tired, just ignore the dumb stuff i say
  17. Well we tried to help but you seem to have your mind set on over priced crapwood products... good luck i hope it turns out like you want it.
  18. well seeing as how i get 70% off of everything then how is it overpriced, and kenwodd it supposed to be pretty good, thanks for the positive input a hole, by the way what did you contribute to this post other than hate, i dont hate on you for anything why do you have to be a dick to me
  19. Kenwood isnt a bad product, its fine. This is what your amp is:
    R.M.S. Power Output (2-Ohms/1-Channel): 919 Watts (1.0% THD+N)

    That means if you buy just 1 subwoofer, you need to make sure it is dual 4 ohm, and can handle at least 919 watts rms, not 550 or whatever. If you want to get 2 subs, then you will only get a total of 550 watts rms because you can only wire it in 4 ohm. You will need a fuse holder, a fuse distro block, like this
    http://www.cardomain.com/item/ROCCPFD2, then you will need a battery terminal, to hook up the wiring to your battery. Speaker wire for the subs 12 gauge will be fine get like 10 feet that will be more than enough, then you need like 10 feet of 8 gauge, maybe more just to be safe. Because thats what you will need to ground your amps, and supply power to your amps from the fuse distro block.

    Oh btw, 2 farad is MORE than enough.
  20. so what subs should i get then guys, i need them to be not incredibly expensive, i want to have heart stopping bass, what subs would you guys suggest, anything cool that is a little cheaper right now?