i have $800 i want the best setup for the money HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by zeusmoto, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. I would say go with audiobahn, you can get the 1200 Q which is a 12" 700 watts rms sub. This will only run you like 150-175 bucks, Its not 900 watts rms, so if you turn it up all the way, its gonna blow, but just dont turn it up all the way.
  2. hey guys i have a question for you, at sound domain, the sub wiring guide, for subs with 4 ohm dvc, it says that for a mono amp option 1 it would produce a 2 ohm load, is that 2 ohms per sub or 2 ohms over all. i just want to know how powerful my subs need to be and if they can be 4 ohm dvc and still be powerful. what kind of subs should i be looking for because if it is 4 ohms overall then my amp says it will do 533 rms, but with 2 ohms it will do 533 rms, please try to explain to me, i have linked the page i am talking about please read and try to explain i am very confused,

    http://www.cardomain.com/item/ROCT110D2 look to the right
  3. one more question i think i figured out that my amp would be doing 4 ohms for 1 channel, so it would be 533 rms, so does that mean that it can handle two 12's with 500 w of rms, or combined it can handle 500 watts, like 2 12" 250 watts would equal 500 watts, or does it mean that there can be two subs that are both 500 watts? please clear this up for me, i dont want to buy 2 250 watt subs if i should be getting 2 500 watt subs
  4. I was just stating a fact that even though you asked for opinions on what to get you seemed to have already made up your mind what you wanted. Even at 70% off the kenwood is a waste of money imo. Just stating my opinion like you asked for. Kenwood makes ok cd decks but their subs are average at best.
  5. If I had $800 right now and wanted the most badass system I could get for the money, I'd definately get one of the Elemental Designs pre-order packages.
    If you don't need a hu, and don't mind going over a tad (once you figure in a box and wiring), $760 gets you-
    A Nice set of comps
    A 100x2 amp for them
    2 subs (10s, 12s, or 15s)
    A 1200x1 amp to run em.

    The next step down is $550 for-
    Same comps
    Same comp Amp
    1 sub
    400x1 amp for it.

    Very good deals, IMO.