I have a chance to go to australia... need oppinions

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  1. Its been in the works for a while now, pretty much everything is sorted out, work will be ok, i have the money, all i gotta do is get my passport....

    one of my buddies will be going down in march, his brother and i are gonna meet up with him june 1st and we will all come back september 1st.... the plan is to start in brisban (east coast) and travel to the west coast in a cheap car, we will stay in a tent and cook with camp stoves and just do whatever for 3 months.....

    Im kinda looking forward to it and i hope it all works out for us....

    does this sound like a good idea???
    are there any suggestions you guys can give me??? iv never been outa the country before........

  2. Someone should warn the Australian government immediately before its too late! :D :banana:
  3. be aware of oyur surroundings at all times, and dont spend much time watching the toilet water spin clockwise when you flush it. other than that i say go.
  4. Keep in mind, once you get off the eastern coast, theres nothing. The VAST majority of the population is on that coast, which means bars and toilets and crazy drunk locals . Plus the great barrier reef, great keppal island, the witch sundays and tons of man made stuff.

    But if your the type of person who's imagination is sparked by big vast open deserts, then your plan is perfect.

  5. Ya my buddie has been there before and hes told us that mosta the population is on the east coast, some of you may remember walloper he had the aussie falcon and used to post on here, well im most likely gonna meet up with him down in sydney.... the plan isnt really to party its to see the country and have absolulty no plan at all..... my buddie said he spent $1000 a month when he went down for 6 months so im budgeting $6000-$8000 for the trip..... that includes $2k for the plane ticket and the cost of the car probly $3k divided 3 ways..... so im left with $4-$5k to cover my share of the gas and food, there wont be any hotel costs or anything like that so really it aint that bad......... hell i spend more then that lliving here :rolleyes:

  6. Sounds like a plan, coming to Brisbane eh? That's where I live :) good place, I wouldn't bother going on the trip you proposed man, go for a trip up to Cairns, then back down to Canberra or something, where all the beautiful (and not frying hot desert) weather and scenery is.

    Oh and its the Whitsundays. :nice:
  7. Never actually made it that far north, had to come back early. I guess it shows :cool:
  8. Why do I also have a really bad feeling about this?

  9. Just remember, you cannot take your propane tanks, ammo, or guns with you....you'll have to buy them there! :rlaugh:
  10. ya i know about customs and bringing stuff on the plane, I wanna bring my white gas camp stove with me, im hoping thell let me through with it being empty..... I plan on packing light,

    tent, light sleeping bag, light mattress, camp stove and portable kitchen set (pots, pan , utensil cup) light jacket, some clothes and maybe a few other misc things......... its gonna be fun..... im really looking forward to it......

  11. Theres a cool game called " Inland Taipan Wrestling " they play there. Id avoid it personally . :rlaugh: The problem with Australia is that EVERYTHING there is poisonous . Not just mildly either. Can they have regular jellyfish that put a bee type sting on you ? Nooooo. They have the box jellyfish, which administers a death somewhat similar to burning to death while drowning... And the ants. Hell, they have an ant there that can kill you, just by looking at you ... :rlaugh: Their grass is deadly .....

    Id go to North Carolina. Its safer...

  12. Hehehe yeh tis a harsh land. Be sure to go too Beerwah (what a name heh :) ) and check out Steve Erwin's croc farm / Australia Zoo, just north of Brissie. Crikey!
  13. What the hell was that all about?
  14. Mate, Dont believe any of the drivel in these threads, as an aussie who has travelled the world and visited the USA 8 times over 30 years I recommend you stick to your origional plan.......just come over and travel anywhere that takes your fancy.

    Australia, like the US is big beautifull and diverse there is heaps to see all over and you will find aussies pretty friendly and helpfull unless you are a pushy loudmouth.

    You might consider buying all your camping gear here (army disposal if you like)as it will be cheap and you can really travel light on the plane.

    I also suggest buying a holden (GM) or Falcon (FORD) as they are very common, cheap and parts are available just about anywhere. Thousands of European backpackers do what you are proposing to do every year.

    Go for it.


  15. I needed to send a buddy a word document, his email was down so i cut and paisted it there and deleted it onc eit was read :nice:


  16. Oh ya man forsure the whole part of the trip is too just be tottaly free too do what ever we want for 3 WHOLE months, in june there is a baha type race 10 hours or so away from brisbane, we plan on going to that first thing.... The last time my buddy went he bought a ford falcon and it did him well untill his bud fell asleep at the wheel :( ........ I plan on packing light like you say, ill bring a minumal of clothes and buy if i need to, I have alot of good quality camp gear so ill probly just bring the bare neccessaties and buy anything i forget.......

    Is it a good idea to display im a canadian, iv heard the aussies prefer a canadian over a yank :rolleyes:

    What are your policing laws like??? stuff like can i bring a knife into the country and wear it on my belt in open sight????

  17. I can see the headlines now...

    The source of the blast was due to white-gas fumes being emitted from an empty...
  18. Could it be possible?

    That Australia will become a modern day Atlantis?

    Will the GBM's visit to the "Land Down Under" really turn it into The Land Down 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ???

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Stay Tuned To Find Out....... :nice:
  19. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:

    Well, let see we've heard about go carts, Tire chains, explosions, hunting, getting lost while hunting, truck fires.............................................................................................................................................................................. with all that in mind I think traveling THOUSANDS of miles, buying an old car and backpacking/camping in the untamed wilderness with an untold number of poisonious creatures, a christmas cookie with a curse sounds like a great Idea! How can I sign up?