I have a chance to go to australia... need oppinions

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  1. We havent decided if were gonna cut the roof off the car yet or not :rolleyes: :D i know some of you know what im talking about :nonono:

  2. The next thing you'll know...........

    While camping in the outback, a drunken and horny GBM has his way with a kangaroo............:eek:
  3. Cant you just see it now......Gingie trading in his jeep for the comfort of a kangaroo's pouch.
  4. Now Now, Let's not drag Super into this...
  5. Or the other way around........

    I'm getting this mental image.......... Gingie, the peanut boy, an amorous but confused male kangaroo, and a Coleman stove with just enough in the tank to create some amazingly potent explosive fumes....... :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Still Dreamin'

  6. No offence to Americans, but I used to live in Cairns, one of the tourist havens of the land, (I think its pretty crap but eh) anyways, most American tourists were loud and had rather unfriendly attitudes, like more business like, very harsh I feel. Most likely I found this because aussies like to be (especially in a non-corporate environment) very lax about stuff, and treat business as a relaxed event. Canadian tourists I have found to be more friendly. This may be why people prefer Canadians, but seriously I don't give a rats arse. If you're a knob, you're a knob. Being Canadian or American doesn't matter, you'd still be a knob.

    As for policing laws, well I've found cops to be rather erratic. You could walk past a cop with your knife on your belt, and they'd warn you to put it away, take it home and don't carry it. On the other hand, you could walk past a cop and get arrested for the same thing. Depends on the attitude of the particular person. I've found jerks love power, and so most cops, bouncers, security gaurds are jerks because they like to push people around, and are too ***** to do it without joining a legal gang (like the police or a security agency).

    Also, it depends on where you are. In the city, cops are hard. In the country, cops are more friendly, because they know all the locals, and not much stress to deal with.

    You probably won't even talk to a cop during your stay.
  7. Either way....

    The Outback will never be the same! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: